Seven Minutes With Ryan Miller

January 31, 2009

The Buffalo News added a very in-depth interview with Ryan Miller to its archive.

See it here.

According to a Buffalo News editorial preview published on Friday, there’s supposed to be an article in tomorrow’s paper about Miller. I don’t think the video is a complete giveaway of the article, but it probably contains a good bit of info that might be included.

Quick thoughts:

– In addition to being a talented goalie, he really is a talented photographer as well. I was kind of coveting some of those shots in the book he was flipping through as I need some new art on my walls. He really did a good job of capturing the natural beauty of his home state.

– I love, love, love his thoughts on Buffalo. We’re not chain-restaurant city, there’s so many mom-and-pop and locally owned places that give Buffalo its own flavor. He also mentioned his appreciation for the beauty of Buffalo’s architecture, like Mansion Row on Delaware and the beautiful houses on Chapin. It really underscores how much he’s come to embrace Buffalo and all we have to offer. It also sounds like he misses the place when he goes home for the summer or over breaks. And it sounds like he (and Goose) also have some great neighbors keeping an eye on them and their houses, which you can tell he appreciates.

I think this interview just reinforces that he wouldn’t have signed his contract extension had the team and the city not been right for him. He would have been on the first plane out of here if he didn’t like the area, but you know, the city can and will take a hold of you if you let it. And it sounds like Buffalo has gotten its hooks into Ryan Miller.

– I was mildly amused by the plethora of liquor bottles sitting behind him in one of the still photos of him and his guitar. It was like he was playing guitar at Sandra Lee’s house, and cocktail time was just around the corner. (That’s a crossover I never want to see: Ryan Miller and Sandra Lee. Girl would be all over him like a bitch in heat and he doesn’t deserve that.)


In some non-Sabre related news, the great state of oHIo had better be preparing for a Buffalo invasion in early August. Not only were Bruch Smith and Ralph Wilson elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the Bills will be playing the Tennessee Titans in the Hall of Fame game that weekend. There’s no one that will argue that Bruce wasn’t deserving of making it in on his first ballot. I do think that a lot of people were surprised that Mr. Wilson made it in. He was considered a long shot by many of the prognosticators, based on the thinking that he wouldn’t be voted in until he had passed on. Irregardless, that weekend in August is going to be one heck of a blue and red painted party in Canton.


One comment

  1. He really nailed it when it comes to what’s great about Buffalo. It’s funny how laid back he is, when really he could probably get by with being one of the cockiest people around since he’s so popular around here.

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