Mixing It Up

February 2, 2009

– The call up of Mike Weber from Portland means that the Sabres have hit the 11th person on their defensive depth chart. It’s like the 2006 Eastern Conference finals all over again. If another injury happens, who is the 12th man? Forget it…I don’t want to know, because I don’t think the team even knows (or wants to contemplate it). Can we cajole James Patrick into suiting up again? Maybe get Lindy to be a player/coach? He’s feisty. He can deal with some of the young whippersnappers out there these days.

– Congrats to Ryan Miller on being named the NHL’s Third Star for the month of January.

– If the Ducks website is reliable, tonight’s game should feature the most boring brotherly hockey matchup ever in the history of brotherly hockey matchups. With Lalime scheduled to start for the Sabres tonight, Ryan Miller will be spending the better part of his night on the bench wearing a ski cap. His brother Drew, recently recalled from Iowa by the Ducks, may very well be spending the night in the press box as a healthy scratch (as he did the other night against Colorado). Yawn. It’s more fun when they can actually play against each other.

– Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I was :35 away from winning $100 in my office’s Super Bowl pool. Nope, not bitter AT ALL.

– Speaking of the Super Bowl, I was a little underwhelmed by the ads. Some of them, like the Potato Head and Doritos ads, were pretty good. Others…not so much. And does the world really need remakes of GI Joe and Land of the Lost; not to mention ANOTHER Fast and the Furious movie? Although, Paul Walker still brings the pretty. So at least the F&F movie has that working for it.

– The caption Yahoo provides for this photo indicates that this is a faceoff.

Why do I feel like they’re doing it wrong?

One comment

  1. Psh they ARE doing it wrong. Shane Doan needs bigger arm flails. *exasperated sigh* he’s not SELLING IT at all. He’s fired.

    Matt Ellis looks like an offensive linesman, haha.

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