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We Won. They Lost. Film at 11.

February 7, 2009

– Hopefully that headline will work for tonight’s game against Ottawa as well.

– The crowd sounded like it was a pretty even split between Sabres fans and Montreal fans. I heard a few “Ole Ole” chants and a few “Lets Go Buffalo” to counter, but judging from the goal reactions, it seemed like the crowd was evenly split. I realize that a lot of Canadiens fans come down here for the games, and I’m not going to fault Sabres season ticket holders for selling their tickets to Leafs and Habs games (if selling 6 games out of their package pays to keep them in the seats for the remainder of the year, who am I to judge), but this is HSBC Arena. This is our rink. Not theirs. Then again, Sabres fans are guilty of doing the same thing as Habs fans when we invade Washington and Carolina and Columbus, so I really should exit my soapbox gracefully before I tumble off. Moving on…

– Ryan Miller is playing out of his mind. At the end of the first period, I half expected him to take his teammates to task in the locker room for their crappy play. For most of the first period, it seemed like he was the only Sabre out there who gave two shits about the game.

– Timmy is also playing out of his damn mind. The on the knees goal was definitely worthy of rolling the highlight film for. I’m also really enjoying the series of Buffalo News columns discussing whether or not Timmy should be traded, re-signed or sent to live on a farm downstate. While trading Timmy is an entertaining idea (might as well get something for him while you can), I’d really like to see the Sabres hang onto him until the end of the season. We don’t need another player worrying about whether their suitcases should be packed just in case they get summoned to Coach’s office with the request to bring their playbook.

– I did get a good giggle out of Rob Ray calling Pierre McGuire a chicken for failing to block a shot that entered their little office last night.

– Continuing with the Pierre theme, ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun has a nice look at the Sabres and how they’re one of this season’s biggest surprises. This paragraph stood out to me, as it really nails our core group of players.

Vanek has grown comfortable with the pressure of a $50 million, seven-year contract and has found the back of the net about as often as anyone in the league not named Alex Ovechkin. Roy is looking the part of a No. 1 center. Pominville is the reliable two-way winger you can count on in the clutch. Stafford started slowly this season but is finally evolving into the offensive force the Sabres had envisioned. Gaustad is the feisty tower of strength who oozes character.

Alright, so we can argue that lately Pommers hasn’t been clutch so much as invisible. I’ll grant you that. But these guys are all part of the team’s core and need to keep playing their roles in order for the Sabres to be successful.

– I may be tempting the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing with this next statement, but I really want to see the Sabres make the playoffs just to see what kind of playoff beard Rivet can pull off. When he was interviewed post-game, his growth was impressive. He looked like the kind of dude that you would cross the street to avoid. The Sabres haven’t had the potential for a playoff beard like that since JP Dumont left town.

– How in the bluedilly fuck did I initially miss this shirtless Goose interview on Since Goose is on the DL for the next little while, this is as much of him as we’ll get to see. (Unless he’s spotted at the grocery store or at Wine Theif.)