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Hot Mess All Around

February 16, 2009

– I think that describes the effort put forth last night from the Sabres, doesn’t it? Lalime and Miller are probably the only two guys in the room who don’t deserve the vicious tongue lashing that I’m sure Lindy will deliver at practice today. Miller got pulled through no fault of his own, and Lalime played well, giving up that wonky goal at the end of the game. Their teammates let them down last night, plain and simple.

I think I showed more commitment to the game than the players on the ice. I DVR’d Amazing Race so I could finish watching the hot mess that was the game.  But at least Amazing Race was so worth it. Please go to and watch the episode. Who knew giant wheels of cheese, a hill and a group of tired people could be so damn hysterical.

– And one of my brilliant co-workers just turned the lights off on me AGAIN. Dear Genius, the switch for your side of the room is on the LEFT!

– Someone really needs to tell Marshawn Lynch that the offseason does not mean that one goes out and gets oneself arrested. The Bills and the league may have taken your first brush with the law as a “shit happens” offense, but that this is your second offense in less than a year, and it involves a firearm, you might not get away so easily this time. On the other hand, at least he didn’t almost shoot his bits off like Plaxico did.