Things I Learned Last Night

February 18, 2009

from the Versus broadcast.

– Ryan Miller went to Michigan State. And won the Hobey Baker.

– It was Justin Pogge’s first game in the ACC. Third game in the NHL, but first in the ACC.

– Ron Wilson has a plaaaaaaaaaan for bringing Pogge and Luke Schenn up to speed.

– Jason Blake and Dominic Moore are apparently the linemates with the bestest sense of chemistry ever in the history of teammate chemistry-dom. (And seriously, can Jason Blake be anymore pale? Between the white-blond hair and the pale skin, dude was looking a little washed out.)

– Yesterday was Lindy Ruff’s 49th birthday. Alright, so this wasn’t mentioned during the broadcast specifically, but it was nice that the boys went out and got him a win as a present.

– Pogge is a really fun name to say.

– The plane crashed in Clarence near several Sabres. I thought it was tacky that Chris Simpson asked Rivet about the crash and the emotions of it in her pre-game interview. NOT APPROPRIATE.

– The Versus announcers must’ve gotten a memo in the middle of the first period on how to pronounce Gerbe. Up until that point, it was being pronounced “Gerb,” as in, rhymes with herb.

(Not that Versus repeats it’s talking points or anything during a game.)

– And not only was Marshawn Lynch allegedly in possession of a concealed weapon, that he was apparently high as a kite at the time, too. Wonderful. The News reports that Trent Edwards is using part of his offseason to go back to school and learn about post-NFL careers, and Marshawn is getting high.



  1. Yesterday right before the game I was like “Isn’t Lindy’s birthday around Valentine’s Day?” And I feel like a terrible blogger for not honoring the big 4-9 considering everyone will not shut UP about how many coaching changes have taken place in the NHL since Lindy took the reins in Buffalo.

  2. It’s only been what, 138 coaching changes since Lindy ascended to his throne? That’s quite an accomplishment, so I don’t blame the media for beating it into the ground, but they can move on from it already.

  3. 137 coaching changes, Anne. That’s totally been drilled in our heads this season, you’re right. Actually scratch that. I guess it’s 138 now.

  4. Heather, jinx! You owe me a coke. 🙂

  5. I’m thinking of keeping a running tally.

    Do you think Lindy has a wooden hockey stick somewhere he just makes a notch in every time another coach gets the axe?

  6. Yes, Jason is Pale. but when you see him in person, that milk white skin is the perfect backdrop for those amazing blue eyes of his.

    I’ve been misspronouncing Pogge for two days now.

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