News of the Weird

February 20, 2009

– So Montreal’s Tits brothers and Roman Hamrlik have been linked to a gentleman arrested last week for allegedly dealing drugs. While initial reports show that the Tits and Hamrlik were not involved with drugs, they were involved with vodka, cars and women. This is just the latest chapter of the wackiness that is the Montreal Canadiens, as reports on the net have surfaced regarding some of the younger Hab’s partying ways. While the fans in Montreal are flipping out, the rest of the league can just sit back with some popcorn and watch another Eastern Conference team spiral away. (The other candidates for the death spiral are the Pens and the Rangers. Both are redefining the term “hot mess.”)

And yes, I realize that the Sabres aren’t a bunch of choirboys, and that a quick search of the internet could find any number of incriminating photos of them. Roy-Z’s appearance on Deadspin a couple of months back is proof positive of this. However, while Buffalo manages to freak out about the Sabres, we somehow manage to have controlled freakouts.  Well, except for that little freakout last winter over Brian Campbell’s performance at the Buckin Buffalo, that is.

– A couple of weeks ago, Bucci posted a list of who he would consider worthy of enshrinement on each team’s version of Mount Rushmore. His choices for the Sabres included Hasek, Martin, Perreault and LaFontaine. I’d keep Hasek and Perreault and Martin and swap Lindy Ruff in for Pat LaFontaine. While LaFontaine is one of the good guys of the game, he spent only 6 years in a Sabres uniform. While I think that he would have spent more time with the Sabres had he not had the concussion problems, I think Lindy belongs on Rushmore more than LaFontaine does. As a lot of blogs have put it, Lindy’s a true Sabre. He played nine years for the organization and served as captain for almost three. In addition, he’s been the team’s coach for 12 years and is the longest tenured coach in the league. He’s spent almost half his life working in some capacity for the Blue and Gold. He’s led the team to a Stanley Cup final, three Conference finals and a President’s Trophy. He’s one of the key faces of the organization, and is beloved by both fans and players alike.

First runner up would be RJ, with Ted Darling a close second.


– Something tells me Father Cooke and the rest of the good Jesuits aren’t going to take this news very well. When I saw the story on the Channel 2 News, I just about snorted a Runt out my nose when I read a reader’s comment that Canisius wasn’t a Catholic college, but a Jesuit one. The stupidity, it astounds me.

– And shut up, Hilary Duff. Faye Dunaway can act circles around you. Please to be enjoying your time in Ottawa with Mr. Comrie.


  1. Hilary has real bad taste in men. First she was dating the lead singer of Good Charlotte and now she is dating goofy and big-headed Mike Comrie. Yikes.

  2. Amy, I also thought Lindy was a glaring omission and actually went to the trouble of emailing Bucci to tell him so. It’s tough but I guess I’d probably bump Patty too.

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