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T-Minus One Day to Trade Deadline

March 3, 2009

– So with just over one day left until the official trade deadline, do we think that Timmy will be shipped out? Will Max be traded for that 10 pound catfish that will be a part of the team’s next dinner or will he be left to flounder and pout in the press box for the remainder of the year? Will Darcy blow up the defense and trade Tallinder and/or Spacek? Decisions, decisions.

– Will the mystery and intrigue behind the Bill Guerin fiasco finally be revealed? I love how everyday a new contender for Guerin’s services emerges.  “It’s Montreal. No, it’s Washington. No, it’s Philly.” (Which how in the heck can Guerin go to Philly when they had to dump half their roster to get the Hobbit back in their lineup. Which may or may not have been in violation of league rules, according to Bucky.)

TSN has a really interesting article on how different people in the hockey world focus on the trade deadline. I found the comments by Craig Conroy’s wife especially enlightening and poignant.

– Random interjection: there’s no way in hell that Heroes should be making Sylar 34(ish) years old. Zachary Quinto (and his eyebrows) do not look that old!  And in case anyone is wondering, Mr. Muggles is still the awesomest character on the show. I think he’s the only one with half a brain sometimes.

– Back at the ranch, reports from yesterday’s practice make it sound like Lindy blew the doors off the place a couple of times and put his players through heck. Mike Harrington’s article in today’s paper details yesterday’s events:

The Sabres’ regular off-day practice time of 10:30 a.m. came and went. So did 11:30. Around 12:30, the media was ushered out of its normal room between the dressing areas and told the team would be using it for video work. A somber-faced group of players filed silently into the room for a popcorn-less session that lasted about 45 minutes.

The team finally hit the ice at 1:30, three hours later than normal and practice went until 2:40.

Mike, I hope that the team at least gave you and the rest of the media the popcorn that the players didn’t get, since you guys were at the arena through the lunch hour AND got thrown out of your press room.

I did see a shot on last night’s news of the players filing somberly around the arena. They looked like they had all been told that they were being traded to the Uzbekistani league for three goats, a mule and a box of babushkas. (On the other hand, the shallow part of me did appreciate seeing the players in their underarmour. Veeeeery nice, boys. Very nice. I had no idea Timmy was that built.)

– WGR has posted show notes from Lindy’s conversation with Howard Simon this morning. There were a couple of interesting tidbits included:

  • He completely threw Hecht and Pommers under the bus, while only gently tapping Gaustad with the bus. “I think our offensive leadership his at fault,” Ruff said. “Our Hechts, Pominvilles, Roy… I think that those players, our offensive leaders. I thought a guy like Gaustad got some plays there, but I thought out offensive leadership was lacking. I thought those sorts of guys have to grab the bull by the horns.” At least we know Lindy is as frustrated with Hecht and Pommer as the fans are, if not more. And as everyone says, if Gaustad and Kaleta are your offensive leaders during a game, you have a problem. And that’s no knock against Gaustad and Kaleta, but a knock against the rest of the blessed team.
  • This was probably the most interesting part of the notes: “I have told the players how lucky we are to have the jobs we have,” Ruff said. “Don’t take a minute for granted. We’re entertainers, people that a lot of young people look up to, and I want those people to be proud of the way we perform, the way we act, the way we carry ourselves. We are blessed to be in the position we’re in, to have the salaries we have, and to play a game we love.” I don’t think many of the Sabres take their status for granted, but sometimes a kick in the rear like Lindy’s comments may be what they need to finally remove heads from sphincter and then play GOOD hockey.