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It’s Not Going to Be A Good Day, Is It?

March 12, 2009

Just a theory I have based on the fact that it’s 8:30 and I’m already seriously aggravated.

– I found out this morning that I’m getting pulled into a meeting this afternoon with a client and I have no earthly idea what I’m supposed to be talking about in this meeting. Somehow, I doubt the Sabres futility lately would be an appropriate topic. Fun, but irrelevant and inappropriate.

– I was listening to Sirius on the way in, and the one jock was pissing me off during their discussion about Kelly Clarkson. Apparently, KC told USA Today that she’s not ready to have kids and doesn’t think she ever will be. Nothing wrong with that statement. However, the jock on Sirius was ripping her a new one, insinuating that Clarkson is less of a woman for not wanting to have children. Give me a break. She recognizes that she has some shortcomings and as things stand now, she doesn’t want kids. That doesn’t mean that in a few years as her situation changes she won’t want them, but it doesn’t make her less of a woman. A woman’s self worth and value should not be tied up in her babymaker.

– And finally, the report in the News this morning about the State Legislature’s motions to give more time off to government employees is enough to send any non-governmental employee over the edge. I don’t see a problem with giving time off for breast, colon or prostate cancer screenings, but giving time off so that employees can give blood or go to their children’s school events. People that can’t give blood for medical reasons or don’t have children wouldn’t be able to take advantage of these ops. Not to mention that the perks of being a government employee already include ample time off. I’d also be interested in knowing how more time off can be given and not affect the bottom line or employee performance. And, in this economy, where government is already coming under fire for their salaries and benefits, they want to have more of them? Give. Me. A. Break.

– To move on from the aggravating to the non-aggravating, please go and read Bucky’s story on Richard Zednik. It’s a really moving article shedding some more light on the events of that day. Ryan Miller and Brian Campbell’s comments are especially chilling. Tonight would be one time that I would not mind if an opposing player got a standing ovation at HSBC Arena.

Catch me later for some thoughts on the Slugs v. The Mouth Breathing Troglodytes (tm MJ), live tonight from HSBC Arena. (I won’t be seeing it in HD, as someone in my house’s need to watch Survivor and Greys in HD trumps my need to watch hockey in HD. Oh well, I survived without hockey in HD before.)