Friday Funnies, Take 2

March 13, 2009

It’s Friday the 13th and a full moon. So that means there’s all sorts of fun stuff flying around on the internet tonight.

First, Puck Daddy links to a newspaper article (!) about Joe Thorton’s underwear and how amazing they make his tushie look. The National Post is a major Canadian newspaper and it’s waxing poetic about players and their drawers. Could you imagine The Buffalo News writing about any of the Sabres and their drawers?

Then again, maybe articles about the Sabres and their underoos might just boost those dwindling circulation numbers, especially amongst the female demographic. (Just kidding, I would never suggest that the Buffalo News undermine their editorial credibility by writing about something like hockey players and their intimate apparel.)

Second, Ryan Miller updated his blog, probably just to quash the speculation about the status of his ankle. (Buffalo fans and media speculate? Us? You must have us mixed up with someone else.) Anyway, Miller reports that he’s taken up swimming in the arena’s current pool to keep up his fitness levels while he recuperates. I’m getting the giggles over the image of Miller in the locker room in his goggles and “board shorts” while the rest of the guys are prepping for practice. (Only someone that is really into fashion would call them “board shorts” and not swim trunks, trunks or a bathing suit.) I’m sure some of the boys have made jokes that all Miller is missing is his inflatable duckie life preserver, his water wings and a bathing cap.

For the record, I cannot swim a lick. I was the one clinging to the side of the pool for dear life during the swim test portion of check-in at Camp Seven Hills during my younger days. So I fully admire anyone that can swim 30 second intervals with only a minute rest in between.

And who would have thought that there was a pool (albeit a small one) inside HSBC Arena? I swear, I learn something everyday. And isn’t hearing about a player swimming more interesting than hearing “he’s riding the bike?” The way the bike is emphasized by teams and coaches, these guys are thisclose to being Lance Armstrong (well, minus the testicular cancer and allegations of PEDs). Hearing that a player is doing his best Michael Phelps imitation is definitely something different.



  1. I feel like when Miller says, “Al showed us some of the finer parts of Czech culture,” he’s speaking just a wee bit euphemistically. Heh.

  2. I got that feeling too, Meg.

  3. Ryan Miller and Michael Phelps are obviously best friends. And I’ve seen the pool before at the arena. They’ve got a nice gym back there.

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