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Monday Medley

March 30, 2009

Not a lot going on right now, so here’s a few links to tide you over.

– The rehab of Sean Avery continues, as the NY Times profiles Avery’s off-ice goings on, including a movie tentatively titled “PuckFace.” Dollars will get you donuts that Puckface will translate into Eff-Face very, very easily. Seriously though, I wish Puckface no ill will and continued success in his anger management control. That said, I wouldn’t mind if old Fatso went up Avery’s creek with his goalie paddle tonight.

– This column effectively summarizes who Sabres fans need to root for this week. I think I just gave myself a migraine trying to keep it all straight.

– If you haven’t already, go read Heather B’s interview with Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News.

– Not hockey related, but these photos showing the decline of Detroit are both heartbreaking and yet stunningly beautiful.