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Rob Ray: Master Thespian or Not?

March 31, 2009

All the cool kids are talking about this video.

So what could Rayzor have seen that caused him to react like that, while Miller barely batted an eyelash?

– Was Teppo caught drinking Jobu’s rum? I know it’s very bad to drink Jobu’s rum, but the way Miller reacted made me think it’s a fairly regular locker room occurrence.

– Did Pedro Cerrano just sacrifice a live chicken instead of a bucket of KFC?

– Was Goose practicing his Ned Braden impression?

– Were Lindy and Darcy off in the corner giving Bucky a wedgie in retaliation for his comments about their job status?

– Did Jaro Spacek just take a bite out of the trifle that Patty Kaleta brought in; the trifle made with meat, peas and jam?

– Did Rip Simonick just announce that he was writing a tell all book about his career with the Buffalo Sabres?

– Did Adam Mair remove his shirt to bear his superfluous third nipple to the world?

– Were angels dancing on pinheads?

– Was Lindy practicing his dance moves for a potential role on Dancing With the Stars?

– Did Sabretooth walk through the room with just his head attached to a normal human body, ruining the myth of the ‘Tooth forever for Rayzor?

I know Ray said that it was the behavior of the Canadian press that caused his reaction, but that seems like something awfully ordinary that caused such shock, dismay and the “I just threw up in my mouth a little” face.