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April 2, 2009

Sounds like Lindy AGAIN ripped Staffy, Vanek and Timmy a new one after practice this morning. At what point does Lindy just realize that hitting his head against a brick wall is going to be more effective? There’s six games left in the season, the team has about a 5% chance of making the playoffs, and yet Lindy is trying his darndest to get these guys to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and finish out the season playing good, solid hockey.

– In other news, it sounds like that Goose is a little banged up after his collision with the goalpost and Thrasher during last night’s game. He’s questionnable for tomorrow night’s game after getting his elbow stitched up. Sigh, I really do like Goose and Washington games. He gets fired up, whether it’s during the game or after. (Please refer to the postgame press conference after the 12/30 Caps game, where Goose was *this close* to cutting someone.)

– It was a long, painful, tiring and sucky day at the office, but at least I have my WordPress stats to cheer me up. Some of the terms people used to find my blog are a little out there.

  • “Zach Parise Drunk” (Yeah, because I live in NJ and can report on that. Then again, he’s a hockey player, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that he could have been drunk at one point in his life.)
  • “Paul Gaustad Pregnant”(Well, if the Goose was pregnant, I think that would be a bigger story than the Sabres current playoff rush. We’d probably be hearing all about when the egg was laid and when it would be hatching.)
  • “Brian Campbell’s Bitch” (Easy with the name calling. Whoever she is, I’m sure she’s a lovely lady. Either that, or Soupy’s adopted a lovely animal from the Chicago SPCA.)
  • “Barechested Rick Nash” (I’ve heard a photo of this is included in the welcome packet to the CBJ’s playoff bandwagon.)
  • “Jason Pomanville Looks Funny” (I find it funny that this person found this blog using that spelling of Pominville.)
  • “My Teammate Makes Me Sad” (After last night, I would have no doubt that it could apply to either Vanek or Crunchy. I just hope whichever Sabre is currently sad has an open, honest discussion with the teammate making him sad. Sadness is no way to enter the summer break.)
  • Daniel Paille Music Rap (Someone needs to share the Danny Paille rap with the rest of the class once it’s been found.)
  • And probably the most disturbing one of all…”Marty Brodeur Takes It Up The Ass.” (There are no words. None whatsoever.)