Sabres v. Red Wings – 4.6.09

April 6, 2009


Is Greg W. actually saying that Tim Thomas would make a better goalie than Ryan Miller for Team USA in the 2010 Olympics?

Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres would appear to be a lock. Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins wants desperately to play, although he’ll be 35 by the start of the tournament. Both are competent goalies, but Thomas is an unorthodox and aggressive keeper while Miller is a steadier hand.

In other words, there’s more of a gamble but potentially more upside with the Bruins keeper. It’s up to Wilson to decide whether it’s a gamble he’ll take.

I’d go with Ryan Miller over Tim Tom any day.

– Continuing with the Ryan Miller theme, Sabres.com has a video of Miller showing off his new mask design. While Miller commented that the lettering on the mask is an inside joke from college days that was translated into Japanese by his brother Drew, there’s a teensy part of me that wonders if Drew translated the joke (whatever it is) into the Japanese for “fat ass sieve” or something else insulting to his brother. How would Ryan know what his brother finally translated? Also, how cool is it that Drew Miller speaks Japanese? I can honestly say that Japanese ranks low on the list of languages you would expect hockey players to be able to speak.

First Period

– Picture it, Buffalo 2009. The Sabres need to win all remaining games in order to have a snowballs chance of making the playoffs. Easy, right? Buzz. Wrong answer. It’s going to require a massive effort from the entire team for 240 minutes in order for the playoffs to even happen this year.

– Dear Edzo: Ryan Miller wasn’t pulled last game. He was rested. Please get it right. Regards, Lindy Ruff

– Yes, Mom. That is Brian Engblom’s real hair.

– The Sabres.com Twitter feed announces tonights lines by using the numbers only. After reading the following:

41-19-29, 21-9-55, 26-17-61, 20-22-28… 52-34, 5-10, 6-44

My only thought was “Hold your boards. Bingo has been called.”

– Superb glove save by Chris Osgood on an in-close shot by Adam Mair after a faceoff win by Paul Gaustad. About an inch or two higher, and Mair might have put that one in the net.

– What poor Versus intern had to do the math and figure out the exact number of seconds in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

– How is it that Miller is second in the league in wins and yet the Sabres are in 10th place in the conference?

– Miller is wearing his new mask tonight. It’s odd to see him in the predominantly silver design rather than the predominantly blue one he usually sports. I do like the homage to his cousin Matt with the old school name in a heart design on the backplate of the mask.

– How is Claude Lemieux nominated for the Masterton Award? What were the Professional Hockey Writers thinking with that one?

– Ryan Miller went to Michigan State? Thank you Chris Simpson for that bit of common knowledge. Though seriously, what’s the over/under on Miller hustling out of HSBC Arena to get home and watch the end of the NCAA game?

– The Sabres head to the power play as Marian Hossa is sent off for tripping. At least this power play did consist of getting some pucks to the net instead of the usual pass-pass-pass-pass fest.

– How bad of a hip injury does Patrick Lalime have if he’s done for the rest of the year AND Lindy doesn’t want to talk about it?

– Is the PA System playing “Werewolf of London”? Sweet.

– I just realized that this month I become Discovery Channel’s bitch. Both Mythbusters and Deadliest Catch are starting up.Crabs and big booms. What more can a girl want?

– Can someone please hand Holmstrom a towel? The poor dear is bleeding quite a bit after inadvertently taking Chris Butler’s stick in his face while scrambling in the crease. If the ref didn’t call it originally, showing him the blood won’t make him change his mind…and it’s kind of grossing me out.

– The period ends with the score tied at zero. That’s perfectly cromulent for this point in the game.

Second Period

– At least Versus removed the footage of the fatal crashes from it’s Indy Car promo. If you must show crashes, then show the ones where all the drivers walked away unharmed, but don’t show the ones where the drivers were severely injured (Kenny Brack, Ryan Briscoe, Stan Fox) or even killed (Swede Savage and Eddie Sachs).

– The Versus HD feed is making the Sabres helmets appear black instead of navy blue.

– Gaustad gets tripped up on a rush into the Detroit zone, sending Buffalo to the power play. Thanks Cheli! And the ensuing power play does degenerate into the usual pass fest.

– A two-minute 4-on-4 has only one really good scoring chance, as Pommers can’t quite elevate an Osgood rebound into the net.

– Edzo notes that the Gaustad / Paille / Mair line has been playing particularly well tonight, and I agree. They’ve been a controlled version of spunky, not taking stupid penalties and the like so far.

– Thanks Max. Brad Stuart scores while you’re in the box. Isn’t there somewhere you can go and feel some shame?

– What in the blue dilly hell just happened? Butler steps in to defend C-Mac, who got whomped on. Next thing you know, Staffy’s on the ice getting punched, then Samuelsson punches Roy down to the ground and Rivet gets that crazed look in his eyes that means he’s going to cut a bitch and take some names later. Meanwhile, Lindy’s making notes on his pad of paper, which means he’s either going to remind the players of things during the intermission, or he’s writing down what he needs to pick up at Wegmans after the game.

– When all of the above is sorted out, the Sabres have a power play, until Timmy has a massive brain cramp and breaks his stick on Brad Stuart’s stick and goes off for slashing. The period will end with both teams playing 4-on-4.

Third Period

– It’s snowing (it’s April 6th, Weather Gods!) and I just banged my knee off the corner of the coffee table. So I’m in pain, and how do the Sabres respond to my pain? By allowing Hossa to score a goal into a wide freaking open net. The score is now 2-0, Red Wings.

– Edzo starts commenting that Gaustad appears to be a solid contender for a spot on Team USA next winter. Miller – pending death or injury – is pretty much a lock; it’s just a contest to see what Sabres will join him.

– A Detroit player clangs a shot off the post. Aren’t shots off the posts/crossbars some of the most beautiful sounds in sports?

– Thanks, Hossa. 3-0 Red Wings.

– I really think after this season that The System needs to be dumped for a new, shinier, flashier system.Or, maybe we need to swap out some of the cogs in The System for some newer cogs.

– After he was shown on the bench with an expression that was a cross between “I’ve been kicked in the nuts” and “fuck this shit”, Goose steps around Chris Chelios and knocks a rebound into the net. 3-1, Sabres. With that goal, Goose has reached his career high of 11. HONK! I’m predicting that if he maintains his health next season, he could be a solid 20 goal scorer.

– Ooh, it looks like the ‘Let’s Go Buffalo” sign people in the 100 level have gotten a new snazzy looking sign.

– And Twitter is down, but at least they have cute graphics to explain that they’re down.

– I just downloaded Adam Lambert’s version of “Play That Funky Music” from last week’s Idol. I’ve heard rumors that there’s going to be a Disney week at some point this season. I can’t wait, as Simon’s head will fully explode.

– Edzo is shocked that Connolly, Pommers, Gaustad and Mair are all on the ice together for the final power play at the end of the game. Could it be that lately they’ve been four of the team’s most consistent players?

– Miller is on the bench, looking like someone just hauled off and shot Sabretooth and Sparty the Spartan right in front of his crease.

– Lindstrom scores an empty net goal to make it 4-1, Red Wings. Ladies and gentlemen, turn out the lights, the season’s over. I can honestly say that I’m going to relax and enjoy the final three games of the season, now that I know the nail is in the 2008-09 coffin.

– I don’t think I can fault the effort level tonight. The effort was definitely there. There were just some missed nets and untimely penalties that lead to the team’s downfall. Oh well, ish happens. Can’t wait to see what the media and players have to say about this game tomorrow.



  1. I think whatever it says on Miller’s mask is translated by his other brother, Bryce. Because I know he speaks Japanese.

  2. What poor Versus intern had to do the math and figure out the exact number of seconds in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

    Also, what if there’s overtime? What then?

  3. Caroline, irregardless of whatever brother translated it, it could still say spangly fat assed sieve. How would Ryan know the difference?

    And are they assuming a seven game series for each playoff series? That’s wishful thinking if I ever saw it.

  4. Also, what if there’s overtime? What then?

    :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I dunno, for some reason that completely cracked me up.

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