April 15, 2009

– Reading the comments on Sabres Edge can sometimes be a crap shoot. For every nineteen crappy comments, whines and rants, you sometimes trip across a rare good one. In the comments for today’s post , Mike Harrington posits that we’ll see Tellqvist approached as a UFA to back up Miller next season, as Lalime’s injury is pretty severe. While nothing has been confirmed by the team (and probably won’t until we’re close to the draft and/or UFA day), wouldn’t that be something if it were the case? Lalime was hired to be the perfectly cromulent backup for Miller, and Tellqvist was brought on to be the cromulent backup for Lalime when Miller got hurt. How odd that Tellqvist may now be the everyday backup for Miller.

If this is true, I’d be sad to see Lalime go. He was always a good interview and really seemed to have a good bond with Miller. I don’t know how Miller and Tellqvist get along, but the few interviews I’ve seen of Tellqvist show he has a keen analysis of what’s going on in the room.

– Continuing with the goalie theme, Miller did a brief interview for the league at the NHL Store today. Check it out here. The league also includes a text summary here. (I’m not a pharmacist, but someone should tell him that four Tylenol and two Aleve before a game probably isn’t healthy.)

– We were letting our inner twelve year olds out to play at the office today because of this article. Who knew politics could be so inadvertently funny?



  1. I’m not a pharmacist, but someone should tell him that four Tylenol and two Aleve before a game probably isn’t healthy.

    I was kind of thinking the same thing but then I remembered that I take like 6 Advils when I have really bad cramps and then I curl up and want to die. Oops. Too much info?

  2. Ryan. Stop it right now. Overdosing = bad. Do you want to end up like Harry Neale?

    I also love in the video how he’s like, “I had a little ankle problem.” Because it really was just a little problem. Totally minor.

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