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So Far

May 2, 2009

– If the remainder of the Red Wings / Ducks series is as good as Game 1, we’re in for some fantastic hockey. Game 1 was physical with good, hard play from both sides. I was kind of sad that Detroit won it in the third period, since I really wanted the game to go to overtime.

– I saw this Sabres article on Yahoo and was floored when I read this statement about Craig Rivet.

Rivet told the Sabres’ Web site he is already back in the gym, only two weeks after Buffalo’s season came to an end without a playoff appearance. The captain is eager to help his team right the ship.

He also wants help doing it. Rivet was acquired last offseason, and his new teammates almost immediately voted him captain. He is happy to lead, but he says the Sabres will need more guys to stand up if they want to make it back to the postseason after a two-year drought.

I’m not shocked about the leadership comments, since Rivet discussed those with the Buffalo News (and praised Gaustad and Timmy while doing so), but I am shocked that Rivet is already back working out after two weeks off. Is that a subtle gauntlet being thrown down for his teammates? Between that one and the one Miller threw down earlier about wanting players to come back mad as hell, it sounds like the accountability is going to be starting in the offseason. Less drunken whoring, more working out and making good choices seems to be the message du jour.

– While reading Buffalo Spree during a server crash at the office, I saw an ad for the Camp Good Days Gala. Once again, Paul Gaustad will be the honorary chair. The theme for this year’s gala is Star Wars. Now I know Goose will probably show up in a tux, and look quite yummy while doing so, but does anyone else think that he could pull off the Han Solo look?

– If any of you out there in bloggyland are cubicle drones like me, please go watch this week’s episode of The Office on Hulu. This episode deals with the two words of office life that are open to much interpretation: Casual Friday. I was dying while watching this episode.