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May 6, 2009

Thank you Sami Salo for giving me the biggest laugh I’ve had today. When asked by the media about the exact nature of his injury, Salo played coy and replied that it could even be something as simple as a burning sensation when he pees. I know we all joke about hockey players and STDs, but I think this may be the first time I’ve ever seen it referenced by a player in the mass media. I love when players have senses of humor about their injuries and try to deal with the ridiculousness of the upper/lower/inner/outer body injury classification.

The thing is, I could see some of the Sabres resident wiseasses making similar jokes about injury statuses. While I don’t imagine that they would get as descriptive as Salo, I could imagine a little creativity being used by the boys. I can see things like “I can’t play because I just gave myself a manicure and my clear polish isn’t dry.” “I have a lower body injury from having relations with my wife on a piece of living room furniture, which then broke.” “I got my toe stuck in my faucet.” And so on.

Thanks to alix of Canucks Hockey Blog for tweeting about Salo’s amazing quote.

– From the statbit files, someone found my blog via the search term “Ovechkin, chill the fuck out.” And someone else found me with “who has Sidney Crosby slept with.” Those are definitely better than the usual ones regarding Ryan Getzlaf’s hairline (or lack thereof) and the girlfriends of Drew Stafford/Martin Brodeur/Ryan Miller, et. al.

– With the announcement that Jim Basillie wants to purchase the Coyotes and move them to Hamilton, sorry, an undisclosed market in southern Ontario, one cannot help but wonder how this would affect the Sabres. I seem to remember that the last time Basillie tried to move a team to Hamilton, that it would require him to make a very substantial payment to both the Leafs and Sabres, as Hamilton falls squarely within their market area. While there’s no doubt that the Greater Toronto Area could support two teams, it is likely that a team in Hamilton probably would affect the Sabres. I believe the last stats I read said that something like 10% of the Sabres season ticket base is from S. Ontario. While some of these people undoubtedly will remain loyal Sabres ticket holders, you can’t help but think that these people will undoubtedly jump ship and go to their “own” team.

The one group of people that I definitely feel sorry for are the Coyotes players and staff. It can’t be easy having your livelihood be the subject of so many rumors, speculation and gossip. While the players may be used to moving around, it can’t be easy for Suzy CreamCheese in the front office to be dealing with the uncertainty of her job and whether or not the team will be in Phoenix next year.

– If Basillie does move the team to Southern Ontario, I’d be curious to see how the league would be realigned. Nick Mendola of WGR has some intriguing thoughts on this subject on the WGR website. It really does make sense to align the teams using more of a geographuc sense. I mean, there’s no good reason why Columbus and Detroit should be in the Western Conference. It’s like the NHL decided to pick up some alignment tips from the NCAA when they decided that one.

The Coyotes situation does add some additional drama to the playoffs, that’s for sure.