Conference Final Preview

May 15, 2009

In the second round, the Tralalala Feeling Bits prediction method faltered a little, as I was 1-3 with my predictions. Thankfully, Pittsburgh saved me. So now I have an even .500 record predicting the first two rounds of the playoffs. I’m now putting this stellar record on the line with my conference final predictions.

Carolina v. Pittsburgh – Eastern Conference Final

In this series, which could probably be subtitled “The Battle of the Staals,” I have to root for Pittsburgh. Jordan Staal has a great nickname (Gronk) and has a decidedly less “Children of the Corn” vibe than his older brother. Pittsburgh has to move on because the world needs to see whether or not Sidney Crosby can actually grow a full playoff beard, or whether he will continue to rock the partial beard / Snidely Whiplash ‘stache thing he has going on now.

In the battle of the mascots, Stormy the Ice Hog sadly trumps Iceburgh. Stormy has his own autobiography on the Canes site, while Iceburgh does not.

Oh yeah…Carolina has Rod Brind’Amour. That schnozz is like a -57 on the point scale, and the dude’s nickname is Rod the Bod. That is a completely ridiculous nickname for a grown man that is not involved in professional wrestling.

Prediction: Pittsburgh in six.

Chicago  vs. Detroit – Western Conference Final

The league is already promoting this series as the Battle of the Original Six. Ok, great…there’s much more to the story than the Original Six angle. As I mentioned in my last playoff preview post, the Red Wings are like the old Red Army teams. Their trademark is playing good, solid, dominant hockey. The Black Hawks are a bit like the USA 1980 Olympic team; a rag tag group of kids who don’t know any better and are having the time of their lives. How can you not root for the spunky little underdogs?

Moving on, Chicago has one of the most addicting goal celebration songs: Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis. I’m generally not an impulse CD buyer, but after watching the video and hearing the bits and pieces of the goal song, I went out and bought the CD it’s on. And the CD is fantastic, moving it’s way into permanent rotation in my iPod (under the peppy, pick-me up music category).

Also, you have to love the Hawks fans for their complete enthusiasm and cheering during the National Anthem before every game. I can feel the energy from the arena coming through my TV set.

In the battle of the mascots, Tommy Hawk trumps the ginormous inflatable octopus that descends from the rafters of the Joe.

Prediction: Black Hawks in seven.

So to summarize, I will be rooting for the Pens and the Black Hawks to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Let’s let youth have a say this year.

One comment

  1. I think Pens vs. Hawks will make for a more interesting Cup final. But I think the Wings will beat out the Hawks – they’re still too young. Having said that, I think the Pens will take it this year. At least I hope they will.

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