He’s Alive!

May 26, 2009

Ah yes, Ryan Miller has updated his blog. It’s the usual blahblahblah travel/seeing the family cakes. However, I do have to wonder what weird, creepy shit was said that made him speak out about him not being on the big social networking sites. I know we all take our Facebook pages for granted, but can you imagine that these guys can’t even have their own Facebook for fear of being hounded by fans? I know probably half of them register under fake names or something to keep in touch with their friends, but still. They’re missing out on what is probably one of the key parts to being a 20-something today. (If I ever needed a fake name, I would totally go with “Regina Flange” in case you were wondering.)

– I saw this YouTube video mentioned on PTI, and of course, I had to go seek out the full version. During a five-hour rain delay during the Big East baseball tournament, UConn and USF had a dance-off to keep themselves and the fans amused. Watch the whole thing, you really won’t be sorry!

My favorites were the limbo, the irish jig and the Michael Jackson dance.


  1. Ryan’s comment about always getting good hockey advice at Wegmans was pretty cute.

  2. I love his winky face at the end, haha. In addition to my grocery list, I’ll compile a list of things to say to Ryan Miller should I ever spot him in Wegman’s. High on the list will be comments about his teammates and how comments about his creepy camera that’s on his front porch. I walked by that thing on my way to work last summer and it creeped me out. Of course I resisted the urge to make a sign for the next time I walked by.

  3. I think the camera is there to keep the roadkill off his porch…

  4. Heather, I wonder if Wegmans knows what a little product endorser they have in Ryan.

    Anne, you should have made a sign. I’m sure he, or whomever monitors his property, would have found it funny.

    Caroline, so that’s what we’re calling puckbunnies now. 🙂

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