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They’re Alive

June 24, 2009

It’s been a decidedly quiet time for the Sabres. However, the Sabres related news has perked up in the past couple of days.

– Darcy Regier has made an offer to Jaroslav Spacek. I hope it’s like a 2-year deal, since Spacek is 35-years-old. A longer length of time would be ridiculous.

Paul Gaustad again proves that he is a stand up guy by pointing out that he knows that the team needs to work on shooting more and defending their goalies and each other. Well, praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Now if Goose can only get it through the thick heads of the rest of his teammates. When Miller spends more time getting run than playing goal, you know you have a problem. Also, if the boys will spend more time shooting the puck next season, they will drastically reduce the amount of times I want to throw something at my television set. That’s good on both sides. They can score goals, and I can keep my TV set in one piece.

Gaustad also mentions that he was invited to play for Team USA in the World Championships earlier this year, but had to decline the invitation due to an injury. He doesn’t specify the nature of the injury, and whether it was upper, lower inner or outer body. Speaking of injuries, was I hallucinating earlier this spring, or did Pominville have some sort of undisclosed injury at the end of the season? If so, did anything come of it?

– How did y’all celebrate the anniversary of the day that brought Tim Connolly into our lives? I, for one, went to work and am now spending the night with Edgar, Crosby, Ding, Dong and my favorite other crab fishing boyfriends on Deadliest Catch.

– Congratulations to Lindy on being named to the coaching staff of Team Canada for the 2010 Olympics. Lindy, you know I love you, but when push comes to shove next February, I’m going to be routing for my USA babies. I also am really amused at the photo editors of TSN/CTV. The TSN photo promoting the story features Lindy giving his best “bitch please” face, while the CTV Olympics site features a photo of a hollering Lindy. They’ve really managed to capture the essence of Lindy, haven’t they?

– I heard a commercial for the Sabres draft party at the Albright Knox on Friday. One of the things the commercial is promoting is a Q&A with Sabretooth. Now tell me, how is Sabretooth going to do a Q&A? Last time I checked, the poor thing is mute. Is he just going to gesticulate his answers or will someone interpret for him?