The Summertime Blues

July 7, 2009

– With today’s news that Philly signed Chris Pronger to a seven year contract extension, could this spell the end of Danny Briere in Philly? Right now, Philly has almost $19 million invested in three guys (Briere, Pronger and Timmonen). Briere has been injury prone in Philly and has not been worth the contract to the Flyers. Stay tuned, I guess.

– After reading Bucky’s “Free Agency Winners and Losers” column in Sunday’s News, I was mildly surprised to see him call out the Devils as one of the losers of this initial free agency period. Not many people call out the Devils, especially people in these here parts. Not to mention that the Devils GM, Lou Lamoriello, looks like he knows where more than a few bodies are buried, and how to dispose of nuisances. (He’s a master conspirator in the Devils recent strain of coach killing, is all I am saying.) Anyway, I just have this mental image of Bucky curled up under his desk* muttering “can’t sleep, Lou will get me. Can’t sleep, Lou will get me.”

* I chose a desk, because as a professional, that’s where Bucky supposedly writes from. Unlike us bloggers who write from their couches, chairs, offices, decks, porches, etc.

– Thomas Vanek’s official Austrian site has up a two-part interview in which Vanek discusses this past season, his injury and a range of other things. The link is to part one of the interview, with the link to part two at the bottom of part one. It’s a very interesting and candid interview, and about the only first hand information we have proving the Sabres are still alive.

– And finally, as we head deeper into the doldrums of summer, the Hockey Hall of Fame is posting the Penguins Stanley Cup Journal. See pictures and read stories of the players’ days with the Cup. The stories are usually pretty entertaining and the pictures are fantastic.

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