How Does Your Garden Grow?

July 19, 2009

Since there’s been little to no hockey news lately,  I might as well talk about how my garden is doing.

P7190614An up close look at one of the hollyhocks in the front garden. I had no idea what color these flowers would be when they went in the ground, and am completely over the moon with this burgundy color.You can kind of see where we had to tie them to the porch railing, as they were starting to fall over.

P7190623My pepper plants are bearing fruit, but it’s becoming a giant tangle of peppers. And there’s still more buds on the upper leaves. I better start looking for pepper recipes. Heh.

P7190625The male offshoot of my hens & chicks plant is trying to make time with my green onions. I think the hens & chicks plant is confused.

P7190626The basil plant that ate my backyard. The marigolds are horning in on the shot on the right and I adore the purple and white striped flowers on the left. I do admit that the basil is really good in mashed potatoes. I can’t wait for the tomatoes to start coming in so I can attempt to make sauce with the tomatoes and the basil.

P7190628What’s a Buffalo garden without a pink flamingo?

P7190627My neighbor’s flowers peeking through the backyard fence.

And finally…

P7190609The first two cherry tomatoes of the season were picked this afternoon. (Along with some dill and parsley for the roasted potatoes I was making with dinner.) Both the tomatoes and potatoes were delicious.

It looks like things will continue to be quiet in Hockeyland for the next little while. I mean, unless MacArthur’s arbitration hearing results in a wacky contract, Ryan Miller surfaces from wherever he’s disappeared to, or Martin Havlat decides to spew more gossip about his time in Chicago.

Welcome to summer.


  1. yummy! I’m coming to your house for dinner. 😉

    We are (attempting to grow) corn, carrots, tomatoes, green beans and watermelon. So far we have no fruit/veggies but lots of leaves and some flowers so I’m hopeful. We do have spinach though! (now i just need something to cook that involves spinach.. hmmm)

    My mom always makes stuffed bell peppers- she basically comes up with a stuffing of ground beef, breadcrumbs and some seasonings (I dont know which ones exactly) and then bakes it inside of the bell pepper halves. She and my sisters really like it. I could get the recipe from her if you think it’s something you’d like to try. e-mail me!

    And I have a mini-herb garden with chives, parsley and basil. I am thinking of making a pesto out of the basil.. mmm I LOVE basil!

    I love your flowers too- very pretty! Thanks for the pics!

  2. I don’t know much about cooking spinach, but I do know it does cook down a lot, so you need to start out with much, much more than you think you will need.

    I have a stuffed pepper recipe too (its basically ground turkey, salsa and bbq sauce mixed and stuffed inside the pepper). I’m thinking of grilling the peppers, maybe with some zucchini or onions.

  3. Nice garden! I’ve been wanting to grow a garden…I really want to grow some vegetables and herbs & spices. And pretty sunflowers. 🙂

  4. Wow! Amy, the garden looks amazing! I love, love, love those hollyhocks, and the pepper plant is making me jealous! (And mmmmm… basil.)

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