Oooh, Shiny

July 31, 2009

Since the Sabres appear to have been sucked into the great beyond (seriously, are they live, dead or memorex?), let’s talk football. I’m usually gung-ho about the first couple of games, then, once the Bills start going downhill, I give up. But for some reason, I’m feeling unusually optimistic about this season.

– Can Trent find his cojohnes if needed to tell TO to STFU about not getting the ball enough or tell Lee Evans to STFU that TO is getting the ball too much? He showed a little bit of ballsiness on PTI yesterday, when he told TK and Willybuns that he’s got to balance getting the ball to both TO and Lee, and Lee is just as good a player as TO.

– I love the throwback unis.


Looking sharp, boys. Looking sharp.

– Has anyone else noticed that things have been strangely silent from Marshawn Lynch during camp? It’s almost like the dude doesn’t exist.

– I really think Paul Pozlusny’s neck has a bigger circumference than my thigh.

– Do I really want to brave the idiots at Tops in search of a box of TO’s? I hate going to the Tops by my house. Hate with the passion of the fire of a thousand nuns. Rude people, rude staff and just a generally unclean store do not make for a good shopping experience.

– I’m kind of enjoying the TO Show on VH1. Even though it’s obviously staged at a lot of points, TO manages to pull it off. He comes across as both charming and a high maintenance pain in the rear, like it would be totally draining to be around him all the time. I was dying when he showed up in last Monday’s episode in the footie pajamas. That replaced the oogie boogie feeling I got when I saw his agent appear on the screen earlier in the episode.

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