There’s Been Hockey News Lately

August 11, 2009

– Color me completely shocked that Mike Grier signed with the Sabres. I guess that “commitment to winning” thing is secondary to having a contract. Anyways, Grier did an interview with Howard Simon and crew this morning in which he reiterated that he has the utmost respect for Lindy and Darcy and that Craig Rivet helped to sell him on the idea of returning to Buffalo. Part of me wonders if Rivet did this so as to have another strong, veteran presence in the locker room to help control some of the younger, immature guys. As we all noticed last year, Gaustad, Miller and Rivet were the only ones that regularly called out their teammates publicly, which did not go over well in the room, as reported at the end of the season. Tell me, if you’re a snot nosed punk Sabre, would you want to go up against Rivet, Miller, Grier and Gaustad?And if you did, would you live to tell about it?

WGR also reports that Grier’s deal is worth 1.2 million. That deal brings the Sabres current payroll to within $455k of the current salary cap level. With about eleventy bazillion forwards on the roster and Drew Stafford still left to sign at a considerable pay raise, I can’t help but think there’s going to be some trades on the horizon before camp starts. In my eyes, the only untouchables are Gaustad, Miller, Rivet and Vanek. Everyone else should be worried.

– Thanks to Caroline at Hockey Night in Buffalo for linking to this lovely video of Gaustad on a Portland TV show. I’ll avoid discussing anything that could get me accused of frolicking in the shallow end of the pool, but I did like his comments that working on team toughness is again an ongoing goal for the team. For the love of Sabretooth, if I have to watch anymore games where Miller is left to come to his own defense after getting shoved around in the crease, I may have to throw something at my TV set. And then I will have to send the bill for a new TV set to someone and I don’t think they will pay it.

– There’s a teensy part of me that wishes that during Olympic Training Camp next week Ryan Miller goes up to Patrick Kane and delivers a sentiment along the lines of “way to lose the support of the people of Buffalo, asshole.” Of course, it would never happen, because Miller is way too classy for that.

– Today’s announcement that the Sabres will be again hosting the Puck Drop event means that we will be able to watch real live hockey in just five weeks. Can you feel the excitement in the air?


  1. Wow. Are they really that close to the cap? I had no idea. Well, either they’re planning on moving a couple million dollars off the team or Staffy is not in the plans. Interesting.

  2. Where do you get your cap information, Amy? I never pay attention to that stuff, and honestly, I have no idea where to look.

  3. I pulled the numbers from the Paul Hamilton article on WGR announcing the size of Grier’s deal. Granted, Hamilton does point out that the current cap number includes everyone, including those on two way deals, and Tyler Ennis’ whatever it is deal.

  4. You can find team’s cap information on NHLnumbers.com or CapGeek.com

  5. Yeah, that cap info is wrong. They have roughly $5 million in space when you exclude the guys that will be in the AHL. Even if you take the 12 most expensive forwards, 7 most expensive defenseman, Miller, Lalime, and Stafford at a worst possible $4 million, they’d still be under the cap ceiling.

  6. TJ, if you can trust a member of the mass media, who can you trust? 🙂

    Even with having $5 million or so to play with, I still think there’s going to be trades on the horizon.

  7. Right now im pretty sure the Sabres are over their self-imposed cap of like $50-51 mil. We still need to wait to see where certain players are assigned. Will Myers make the full-time roster? Some of the salaries of the five fourth-liners will be split between Buffalo and Portland.

    Nonetheless, if the Sabres are to resign Stafford, we need to free up cap space.

    If you guys get a chance, take a look at my blog.


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