Camp USA!

August 17, 2009

I was reading the NHL blog summary of today’s on ice activities at Team USA Training Camp and this quote from Ryan Miller stood out.

We’ll start worrying about being a world-class goalie in a month or so.

Aside from the use of the royal We, Miller’s quote stresses that this camp is about shaking the cobwebs out of the goalie gear, getting back into the rhythym, not pulling any important muscles, etc. At least it shows that he’s going to come into camp ready and raring to go.

I’m also slightly amused by Burkie and Ron Wilson making the guys play traditional getting-to-know-you games, like sharing info about your roomies. Are they taking plays from the Remember the Titans playbook? Remember, this is what Coach Boone did to force the white and black players to start acting like teammates rather than adversaries. If I hear reports of sing-a-longs to Motown classics, then I know that our Olympic team is really using a Disney movie as an off-ice playbook. And the curious side of me wants to know who Miller’s roomie is.

NHL.com also has a brief video of a Miller interview where he discusses his being left off the 2006 Olympic Team, his injury that year and playing for the Sabres. I’m also amused by the slight “what the eff kind of questions are these” look that runs across his face every so often. I wonder if he’s a decent poker player or not, since his face is incredibly expressive.

One comment

  1. I wonder if he’s a decent poker player or not, since his face is incredibly expressive.

    His facial expressions always kill me.

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