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Who Comes Up With These Ideas?

August 18, 2009

Imagine you’re a highly paid professional hockey player. You enter a photo shoot and are told to stand in a particular spot. Alright, you can manage that. Hold this stick is the next command. Still, not completely outrageous. Then, you are told to look off into the distance to your right.

All these elements are not bad when taken in isolation, but when combined with a faux glass block background and some blue lighting, this is what results.


The background kind of reminds me of the old elementary school picture background with the faux lasers. Everyone wanted the laser backgrounds because they were so cool. Now, when you look back at them, they’re really kind of cheesy.

Also, is that just a regular hockey stick (and not a goalie paddle) that Miller is holding? I need someone with better eyes than mine to confirm.

If you want to see more of the images from camp, go to Getty Images and search “hockey.”

And in other news, based on the photos on Puck Daddy, I kind of want a USA Olympic Hockey Sweater. (The ones that look like the retro 1980 sweaters) They look neat, but I really would want to see one in person to judge the quality before making a commitment of that dollar amount. I mean, it looks like I will need something to replace my Stafford sweater unless something gets done with him in the next couple of weeks.