This Is All Completely Random

August 25, 2009

– I’d love to know how long it took to turn around this ESPN commercial regarding Brett Farve?

Sabres.com posted a Q&A with Adam Mair where he answered questions posted by Facebook users. While the cartoon question is something new and different, I do have to wonder why people even choose to ask whether players like what management has done in the offseason. Do we really think the players are going to answer that with anything but a positive answer? They value their jobs and their happy homes here in Buffalo. No matter if they think they’re heading out on a voyage of the SS Minnow, starring Darcy as the Skipper and Lindy as Gilligan, they’re not going to say that. It’s always going to be sunshine, kittens, puppies and rainbows. Let’s move on already and find a new question.

Today’s Jerry Sullivan’s column discussed letting Trent call the plays, rather than relying on the press box or the sidelines to determine the play. After reading the following text, you get the feeling that Trent’s ready to kick ass and take some names of members of the media.

“You’ve watched the games just like I have. I don’t know if you’ve seen any throws I could have made down the field. If you want to call the plays and throw the ball down the field, that’s fine. I’m taking what the defense is giving me and continuing to go through my reads, and that’s the way I’m coached.”

However, after seeing the video with this quote on the news last night, Trent has to be exhibiting the classiest and most polite bit of pissiness I’ve seen out of a professional athlete in a long while.

– Wonder what the NHL thinks about the DirecTV potentially dropping Versus at the end of the month?

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