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September 8, 2009

Two funny bits out of the first rookie-only day of training camp:

Lindy saying he keeps his skates on around Tyler Myers to avoid being intimidated. While I doubt the tall little Baby Sabre could intimidate Lindy, Tyler has to be gargantuan on skates.

– I was watching the Channel 2 News, and the sportscast featured some footage shot by Adam Begnini. Well, Zach Kassian was making like the hard charging player he is, and next thing you know, DOWN GOES BEGNINI! Both Begnini and the camera were alright, but I like that Kassian is showing fire and brimstone right away.

– It’s not Sabres related, but the NHL Twitter feed was sharing updates from player interviews being conducted for their new social networking site. In case anyone cares, Sidney Crosby’s favorite Mighty Duck is Charlie Conway. Aww, Charlie. He grew up into quite a nice little mallard…if you know what I mean.