Idea Time

September 14, 2009

– After watching the video of the Sabres golf tournament (found on Sabres.com), I really think that my company golf tournament could be made better by requiring us to each take a shot while wearing a pair of hockey gloves. Then again, we’re bad enough golfers that wearing the hockey gloves just might *help* some of us out. And I’d also like to note that my golf tournament is not played at a swanky location such as Park Country Club. Heh.

I did enjoy Lindy saying that Dineen only beat him for longest drive as he [Dineen] hit from the ladies tee. There’s nothing wrong with hitting from the ladies tee, as sometimes, it’s the only decent shot that your foursome will have on that hole. (Refer to my company golf outing this year, as my shot from the ladies tee was the only one that went straight/stayed out of the rough/out of someone’s backyard. I might not have gotten it far off the ground, but at least it went straight, damnit.

– I’m kind of amused by the “fantasy style draft” used to select the teams for camp scrimmages. You think Lindy and the coaching staff would be available to help me with the rankings for The Two-Eyed Pea Brains?

– If the story being reported on SF is true (no Sabres showing up for the autograph session on Saturday and the team giving those in line 2 tickets to the Leafs/Sabres game), then good on the Sabres for fixing a bad deal, and bad on the players for either not getting the memo or bailing completely.

– The video of Gaustad and Paille playing street hockey with the kids at Camp Good Days that Channel 2 showed last night was completely adorable. However, I am slightly concerned that Paille was playing in only a pair of flip flops. That sounds like a quick way to sprain an ankle or break a foot due to stick-to-foot contact.

– And Go Bills! Even though it’s probably going to be a massacre tonight, the first game is always exciting. There’s an air of anticipation, of joy and of fun. Of course, those airs all go right out the window by week two, only to be replaced by despair, anger, hate and rage.

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