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Fun Times

September 17, 2009

– If you haven’t already seen the video of the little girl throwing the foul ball back at the Phillies game, I strongly encourage you to go watch it. The video is adorable, and the father reacts perfectly to the situation. That girl is going to have quite the story to tell someday.

– This past Tuesday was the second birthday of Shots Off the Crossbar. This blog wouldn’t be possible without the antics of the Sabres and all their frustrating (and sometimes comedic) glory, the NHL and their follies, and my loyal readers, both those who comment and those who lurk (And if you don’t comment, feel free to. I don’t bite…well not too hard. Heh.) Here’s to another season of Sabres hockey, and here’s to hoping it’s not another 10th place finish. The keyboard of fury could use a rest.