Hitting Him Over the Head…Hard

September 22, 2009

– Why do I have the feeling that Lindy has done everything short of beat Derek Roy over the head with a goalie paddle to emphasize that he needs to stick to the system and not turn everything into a fancy-schmancy pretty play clinic? And judging from this quote, it sounds like Roy-Z may be ready to run in the opposite direction whenever he sees Lindy coming.

We’ve talked about it in Zurich, we talked about it in Bern, we talked about it in Calgary, I’ve had a lot of time with Derek.

Lindy’s like that bad cold that Roy just can’t shake.

I also like that Paul Hamilton elaborates on Roy’s (ahem) maturity and how he needs to grow into a leader. I can’t help but wonder if Roy was taken to the woodshed by the organization after those photos hit Deadspin last year. It also probably doesn’t help matters that the second item on Google’s helpful list of potential search queries is “Derek Roy drunk.”

Time will tell if Young Grasshopper Roy-Z (oh hell, now he’s Old Grasshopper Roy-Z) will rise to the level at which he needs to perform both on-and-off the ice.

– I didn’t watch the game last night (bad feed + headache + gymnastics needed to run earbuds to laptop = chaos), but judging by the presence of the “Free Goose” tags on Twitter, it sounds like Mr. Gaustad was unjustly punished while some other dudes got away with things. Also, I did like the fact that it sounds like he stood up for a teammate. If that carries over to the regular season, I’ll be happy. We can argue that toughness and stick-up-for-your-teammate-ness was decidedly missing from the team these past two years.

– And I just ordered the NHL Network. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a semi-live blog(ish) of tomorrow night’s Sabres/Leafs game. I’ll catch up on ANTM and Top Chef afterward.

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