I Declare…

September 27, 2009

…that the next organization that uses the BEP’s “I Gotta Feeling” as theme is going to have the keyboard of fury unleashed upon them. I like the song, but it’s just so overused and overplayed. Two of the four broadcast TV networks used the song during their Fall 2009 upfront presentations, it’s on the radio constantly and now the Sabres used it as their red carpet theme. (I’m also extremely bothered by the use of “Gotta” instead of “Got A” in the song title, but I digress.)

Theme music choices aside, the Sabres video is a really quick (and cute) look at the boys on the red carpet.

– I also declare that an organization that uses the phrase “City of Hockey” as its theme for the season should do more to make sure that pre-season games are televised. If MSG won’t play nice, then put the games on the web for pete’s sake.

– I further declare that this Bills game is boring. Losses are never fun. That’s why I pulled up the hockey game on the laptop. Hockey makes it all better. Except when it makes it worse, of course.

– I further think it’s pretty kickass that Gaustad has gotten 17 penalty minutes in two games this preseason. As long as they’re not “stupid” penalty minutes, I will take displays of toughness any day of the week.

– I also submit that Pat Kaleta is truly a good egg. How many professional athletes would donate their autograph fees to charity and then go ahead and start their own foundation? Also, it’s an awesome cause that Kaleta is working towards.

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