I Don’t Think He Does Well On Halloween

September 28, 2009

According to this WBEN profile of Pat Kaleta (click the “Hear Patrick Kaleta profile” link), the little button is scared of ghosts and has been known to take a Rock Band drumstick around his house with him when he’s creeped out. At least no ghosts inhabit HSBC Arena (that we know of).

I know I use the word a lot, but this interview makes Kaleta sound completely adorkable. I can’t wait to see who else WBEN puts through the ringer.


  1. Oh my God, Patty K is a hoot. I love that he has to take a Rock Band drumstick up the stairs just in case.

  2. That ghost question was the most random question ever.

  3. […] of local hockey, the amahzing Pat Kaleta was on Kiss this morning elaborating on his fear of ghosts. I love him. He joked about getting to bed before the ghosts come out. I can totally see him and […]

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