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Fun Times

September 17, 2009

– If you haven’t already seen the video of the little girl throwing the foul ball back at the Phillies game, I strongly encourage you to go watch it. The video is adorable, and the father reacts perfectly to the situation. That girl is going to have quite the story to tell someday.

– This past Tuesday was the second birthday of Shots Off the Crossbar. This blog wouldn’t be possible without the antics of the Sabres and all their frustrating (and sometimes comedic) glory, the NHL and their follies, and my loyal readers, both those who comment and those who lurk (And if you don’t comment, feel free to. I don’t bite…well not too hard. Heh.) Here’s to another season of Sabres hockey, and here’s to hoping it’s not another 10th place finish. The keyboard of fury could use a rest.


Idea Time

September 14, 2009

– After watching the video of the Sabres golf tournament (found on, I really think that my company golf tournament could be made better by requiring us to each take a shot while wearing a pair of hockey gloves. Then again, we’re bad enough golfers that wearing the hockey gloves just might *help* some of us out. And I’d also like to note that my golf tournament is not played at a swanky location such as Park Country Club. Heh.

I did enjoy Lindy saying that Dineen only beat him for longest drive as he [Dineen] hit from the ladies tee. There’s nothing wrong with hitting from the ladies tee, as sometimes, it’s the only decent shot that your foursome will have on that hole. (Refer to my company golf outing this year, as my shot from the ladies tee was the only one that went straight/stayed out of the rough/out of someone’s backyard. I might not have gotten it far off the ground, but at least it went straight, damnit.

– I’m kind of amused by the “fantasy style draft” used to select the teams for camp scrimmages. You think Lindy and the coaching staff would be available to help me with the rankings for The Two-Eyed Pea Brains?

– If the story being reported on SF is true (no Sabres showing up for the autograph session on Saturday and the team giving those in line 2 tickets to the Leafs/Sabres game), then good on the Sabres for fixing a bad deal, and bad on the players for either not getting the memo or bailing completely.

– The video of Gaustad and Paille playing street hockey with the kids at Camp Good Days that Channel 2 showed last night was completely adorable. However, I am slightly concerned that Paille was playing in only a pair of flip flops. That sounds like a quick way to sprain an ankle or break a foot due to stick-to-foot contact.

– And Go Bills! Even though it’s probably going to be a massacre tonight, the first game is always exciting. There’s an air of anticipation, of joy and of fun. Of course, those airs all go right out the window by week two, only to be replaced by despair, anger, hate and rage.


Look! It’s Real Hockey(ish) Played By Real Hockey Players

September 12, 2009

I went to Puck Drop today, and this wordy, photo filled post summarizes my day. Carry on at your own risk.

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Make ‘Em Laugh

September 11, 2009

– Check out this Goose photo on NHLoL. The Marty Brodeur ones are pretty good as well.

– Whose bright idea was it to make the Team USA hockey players look like junior serial killers? I mean, we know it was Kane in the cab with the ice pick, but Miller looks like he’s going to be ready to use that ice pick on the first little punk that only gives forth 40 minutes worth of effort in a 60 minute game.

Although, does the fact that Miller is included mean he’s more of a lock to be the starting goalie over TimTom? OrĀ  is it that Miller just looks more menacing that TimTom?

– Lindy just threw the gauntlet down at Tallinder (which means Tallinder flubbed the catch, tripped, broke his foot and will be out for three weeks). If “Uncle Fluffy” Tallinder shows up to camp or the preseason games, I really think he’ll sit. If “NHL Caliber” Tallinder shows up, then I don’t know who sits.

– I know it’s only the first practice, but it will be nice to see the players on the ice again and who’s ready to play. With Lindy saying that there will be more scrimmages, it should be easier to keep track of what’s going on as opposed to when practice is mainly drills.


Lazy Random YouTube Post

September 9, 2009

I am in love with this State Farm Commercial.

I think my favorite part is the kid’s expression after the jack-in-the-box pops open. That’s a definite clean up in aisle 27 expression. The kid chasing the dog is a close second.

– And that sound you hear coming from my house tonight is probably going to be my DVR exploding. The 2-hour premiere of ANTM, Glee, SYTYCD, and Top Chef are all on tonight. So is Toddlers and Tiaras, but I DVR the late showing of that. It’s such a bad show, but after watching it, I’m thankful that my parents never approached the level of BSC (that’s batshit crazy) exhibited by those on this show.

– Has it been determined what time practice actually starts at Puck Drop on Saturday? The Sabres site lists what times the extracurricular activities will be happening, but there’s nothing about what time the actual hockey stuff will be happening. Clarity is much appreciated.



September 8, 2009

Two funny bits out of the first rookie-only day of training camp:

Lindy saying he keeps his skates on around Tyler Myers to avoid being intimidated. While I doubt the tall little Baby Sabre could intimidate Lindy, Tyler has to be gargantuan on skates.

– I was watching the Channel 2 News, and the sportscast featured some footage shot by Adam Begnini. Well, Zach Kassian was making like the hard charging player he is, and next thing you know, DOWN GOES BEGNINI! Both Begnini and the camera were alright, but I like that Kassian is showing fire and brimstone right away.

– It’s not Sabres related, but the NHL Twitter feed was sharing updates from player interviews being conducted for their new social networking site. In case anyone cares, Sidney Crosby’s favorite Mighty Duck is Charlie Conway. Aww, Charlie. He grew up into quite a nice little mallard…if you know what I mean.


Couple Thoughts

September 6, 2009

– There was an interesting comment made by one of my uncles yesterday during my grandmother’s birthday party. He said that back in the day – you know, like the late 90s – Sabres season ticket holders received a lot more perks from the Sabres then they do now. He specifically mentioned season ticket holder only events like the Sabres Carnival (before they opened it up to the riff raff) as being one of the things the team did to prove to their season ticket holders that they were appreciated by the team. And it’s not like the team had to do these events because they weren’t doing well in the standings, this was in the conference final / SC final era. Now, the team is potentially gearing up to have it’s name engraved again on the Eastern Conference 10th place trophy, and the season ticket holders aren’t seeing these kind of “perks” any more. Is it because the team knows that they have a loyal fan base who will continue to buy tickets even though the on-ice product isn’t that great? Is it because the team is in money saving mode due to the current state of the economy? (Though on the other hand, one could make an argument that if the team is trying to keep a fairly significant part of the fanbase happy, the team would go above and beyond the call of duty, economics be damned. There’s fairly nice events that can be done for not a large expenditure of dollars. Ask college student organizers how they do it.) Who knows, but if the on-ice product doesn’t shape up this year, the off-ice fans will be very unhappy and no amount of “perks” will make that better.

– I was watching the Yankees game this afternoon (mainly just to see how long of a drive my uncle would have back from Toronto with my aunt the Yankees fan) and the broadcasters brought up an interesting point during their in-game, blowout derived ramblings. They said that if a team builds its roster the right way, one grizzled veteran leader could be affecting generations of players on that team. They used Jeter as an example. Jeter entered the Yankees organization at the same time Don Mattingly was on his way out, yet Mattingly mentored Jeter and guided him along the right path in the locker room (off the field antics were another lesson for another time, I guess). Jeter is now doing the same for young Yankees, who someday will do the same for some kid who’s currently in the 8th grade.

We kind of heard a smidgen of a system like this happening in the Sabres locker room. Drury was mentoring Gaustad (leading to the often-told story of Gaustad trying and failing to beat Drury to the rink) and Gaustad has grown quickly into the role of on-and-off-ice leader. Who knows who Goose could mentor that would in turn mentor some kid who’s just mucking around at the Pepsi Center these days?

I had a point there, but I think it ran away before I could finish it off.

– Also, please check out brand new Sabres blogger Amanda at Two Minutes for Roughing.