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Sabres vs. Islanders – 10.16.09

October 16, 2009

First Period

– I’m kind of sad that Marty Biron isn’t starting for the Islanders tonight, but he’s promised the media that he’s going to be a Chatty Charlie on the bench towards whatever Sabres play D or forward on the left hand side. Of course, it’s all fun and games for Marty until someone chucks a puck at his head.

– WHOOO!!! Tyler Myers gets his first NHL goal as he calmly skates in front of Dwayne Roloson and pokes the puck past Rollie the Goalie. 1-0, Sabres.

– I hope someone got the puck for Myers. That’s going to make a nice memento of tonight’s game.

– Harry Neale-ism: “Glass is a defenseman’s best friend.” (Pause). “At the rink, at least.” Oy.

– Clarke MacArthur scores on a penalty shot after he gets hauled down while on a clear breakaway towards Rollie. Harry Neale somehow manages to mixup MacArthur and Myers at this point in the game. While both may be empty-headed, but loveable, they’re not really that interchangeable. 2-0, Sabres.

– WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Miller gets steamrolled by Jackman, and Gaustad immediately leaps to his goalie’s defense and starts beating the ever loving snot out of Jackman. And this is not a petty Andrew Peters type fight. This is an all out whomping. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Goose in that much of a snit before, but I can’t help liking it. I mean, that’s the kind of action that needed to be taken after the whole Gomez situation last year.

– I still maintain that the Ryan Miller ice cream party contest should be expanded to offices with the mentality of 5-8th graders. Only after how cold my office was today, I’d like to substitute a hot chocolate and cookies party for the prize. Would that work?

– How is it that the Islanders are so bad at hockey but so good on the penalty kill? It really does not compute.

– Hecht has been playing pretty well this period. He’s had a couple of shots go off the post and has been reasonably solid defensively. I think that once that first puck goes in the net, it will all be downhill from there (in a good way).

Second Period

– Stafford pulls out a spinorama in the Islanders zone. How long has it been since we’ve seen a spinorama during a Sabres game?

– Pommers inadvertently shot the puck after a whistle and has practically all of the Islanders on the ice attack him. As a result, one of the Islanders heads to the box for being the lead bully in this situation. Timmy spins out of the corner on the ensuing power play and gently wrists one past Rollie. 3-0, Sabres.

– On a related note, I’m glad that the Sabres are again using “Beautiful” by Flickerstick as their goal celebration song. It’s such a great, upbeat song. Download it. You won’t be disappointed.

– The Islanders score while I’m getting some cookies and refreshing my beverage. 3-1, Sabres.

– It’s about damned time! Jochen Hecht goes five hole on Rollie the Goalie. My cousin Rachel is now getting the vapors. As a result, Marty Biron prepares to exit the French Canadian Backup Goaltender Comedy Zone on the bench and replace Rollie. He’s given a tremendous round of applause by the fans. 4-1, Sabres.

– Based on that photo on Getty Images, Mrs. Paille and Mrs. Lalime are gorgeous. This month might be the only time that pink jerseys are socially acceptable at sporting events.

– Miller, you know I love you, but you’re totally fired after getting pwned by Tavares on that one. 4-2, Sabres.

– In another flurry, Tallinder saves Miller’s bacon as he deflects another Tavares shot away from the wide open net.

– The Sabres gave up 19 shots in this period. While they’re still in the lead, that period was a bit of a hot mess.

Third Period

– Yawn. I’m feeling extremely sleepy right now. I think the Buffalo Spree article about the “turf battle” between Buffalo News/Artvoice/WNY Media/Buffalo Rising about did me in. I only made it halfway through. I do want to finish the article though.

– Marty is completely pwning Hecht tonight. He just made the 3rd or 4th solid save on Hecht. Then again, the Sabres are shooting solidly on Biron’s chest and not towards the five hole or open areas of the net.

– Gaustad riffs one off Marty’s shoulder and the crossbar and sends it out of play. It was a nice shot, if slightly misguided.

– I think the 11:40 mark of the 3rd was the first time I’ve heard Roy’s name tonight. Where has the little fashion plate been all night?

– Well eff me. Patrick Kaleta now has more goals than Roy and Pommers. While I’m glad that Patty is scoring, Pommers and Roy need to start scoring and start scoring quickly. They’re not the young little pups who can get by on their adorability. They need to start putting up or shutting up. 5-2, Sabres.

– The Islanders score to make it 5-3, Sabres.

– Fuck. Miller’s making like a reverse snow angel on the ice and is slow at getting up. I think he’s ok, he had this kind of sheepish smile on his face when he was pulling himself up to his knees. I don’t know much about coaching hockey, but I really think this is a sign that Lalime should play tomorrow night against Atlanta. I mean, Miller’s played five games already. Let’s let Lalime have a turn.

– Oh god, Neale’s quirkiness is affecting RJ, as he’s now mixing up Gaustad and Pominville.

– I don’t ice skate, but I think I would have more oomph in my step on the ice than the Sabres during this third period. It’s like they’ve gone into cruise control mode, which is incredibly dangerous against and Islanders team that has proven they’ve got some skip in their step tonight.

– Finally, the population of Pominville increases by one. This is Pommers 100th career NHL goal and 256th consecutive game. 6-3, Sabres.

– I can hear the crowd doing the “We Want Seven” cheer in the background. I love that cheer.

– Well, the Sabres won, but it was a fun, ugly win. They need to work on not trying to coast the remainder of the game. I know it’s baby steps and the season is still early, but October points will help later on in the season.