Miller on Gomez

October 19, 2009

So this morning’s Buffalo News features an article where Ryan Miller and his teammates discuss the increase in goalie interference this season. In short form, there’s more interference, and most of the non-calls are a load of crap that should be called. However, this quote from Miller on what happened last season with Scott Gomez is priceless.

“I don’t have Scott Gomez’s picture up at my house, staring at it while I eat dinner, working up enough psychotic energy to go slash him in the throat. That’s not the case.”

Thank you, Ryan, for that amazing mental image. It’s not like you have Gomez locked away somewhere telling him to put the lotion on the skin or he gets the hose again.

After the drama that was the Bills game yesterday, isn’t it nice to have a hockey player bring a little bit of comedy into our lives?


  1. I think it’s funny that Ryan (out of all people) made that remark because I can picture the look on his face while saying it.

  2. Yeah, Crunchy’s quote seems a bit too descriptive. Like, “Oh, that blue and white v-neck sweater with the slight fraying on the left sleeve? Noooo, I’ve never seen that one.”

  3. It sounds like he’s got the seed for quite the little horror flick, you know?

    He definitely gets points for the most original quote to come out of that locker room in a while.

  4. I’d give Pommers some bacon if he said “I’d like to cut a bitch” during a post game interview at some point this year. Lots and lots of bacon.

  5. mcguffers, I can picture it now. Pommers would say that and there would be a cut to Rob Ray looking shocked and horrified. Then Roby would be laughing his ass off in the studio while Kevin Sylvester would be tripping over himself trying to apologize for the less than G rated language in a family broadcast.

  6. Haha, poor Kevin! He really is the glue holding this dysfunction together!

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