Not. Fair.

October 20, 2009

At practice today, the Lightning get naked shootouts while the Sabres get pucks to the face, temper tantrums, strained hips and the wind knocked out of them? How on earth is that fair to the boys in blue and gold?

And then Danny Paile gets traded. Peace out, little Paille. Go forth and do well in Boston (but not too well against the Sabres, mind you). And now you shall be moved to the SOTC “Former Sabres” realm.

And for the love of everything holy, will someone at Sabres.com please remove the apostrophe from Tyler Myers’ last name in the headline of the article on Sabres.com?



  1. Ack! That apostrophe! It burns!

  2. How irritating. Today in a presentation in my class for future teachers of English, someone used the wrong “your” in a slide heading. I almost vomited.

  3. I didn’t think it could get any sillier on the ice than a hockey player clomping around in Croc sandals (though props to him for not falling)… then I read about Vanek’s hissyfit. Hee.

    DAMNIT! Why can’t the Sabres do Strip Shootout? 😦

    Hi Amy! I’m so glad I discovered your blog. You can’t imagine how many bouts of uncontrollable giggling you’ve spawned.

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