Sabres v. Devils – 10.28.09

October 28, 2009

First Period

– I’m happy the game is going to be in HD tonight, but this transition from the dulcet tones of Doc and Chico Resch to the engaging happiness of RJ and Harry is sorely behind schedule tonight. (In other news, the residents of SOtC estate had a rousing discussion about the horribly hilarity that is Chico’s rug.) Doc and Chico managed a very nice handoff to RJ and Harry, no doubt making nervous Sabres fans quickly end their irate calls to Time Warner.

– For the other side of tonight’s game coverage, go visit Interchangeable Parts.

– Clarke MacArthur – aka Grizz, Cory Matthews or Screech (which, ew) – scores to make it 1-0, Sabres.

– The Sabres have had two odd man rushes, but neither one ends up with the puck behind Marty. Stafford ends up crashing into the net, and the Vanek rush ends up with Vanek.

– WHOOO! A critical discussion of a potential trip this weekend to the Swedish furniture and meatball emporium in Canada is interrupted by a Tim Kennedy goal. He slides the puck past Marty and I bet Marty really, really, really wants that back and/or wants to kill his defensemen for letting Kennedy walk out from behind the net unmolested.2-0, Sabres.

– Kennedy was just flatted by Colin White, and Grier immediately came to his teammate’s defense. Nice to again see that in action from the Sabres. The hit was an ugly clean, but it did knock Lil’ Timmy’s helmet off. The ensuing kerfluffle results in some four-on-four hockey.

– The game day staff for the Devils start playing “Thriller” on the loudspeaker. This game is anything but, so far. Plenty of good seats still appear to be available.

– There’s a pretty impressive graphic showing how many Sabres and Devils have been with their respective teams long-term. While Tallinder is currently the longest tenured Sabre, Gaustad, Pommers and Miller have all been with the team for 6+ years. Speaking of Gautad and Pommers, are they still road roomies? I know both previously mentioned that they were the only roomie that each has ever had while they’ve been in the organization.

– We’re “treated” to a Stan Fischler interview of C-Mac. Oh joy, oh bliss. Oh, Stan.

Second Period

– The Devils feed shows a commercial for their “Guys Night Out” promo at the Caps game. One price gets a ticket, a hot dog and a beer. My question is how can they limit this to guys only? You don’t see them having Puckbunnies Night at the Rink or Ladies Night (if you want to be less offensive).

– Well, hello there, Mr. Goose. Is this the first Green Team commercial that we’ve seen this season? I think the Cellino & Barnes and health insurance ads are all starting to run together in my mind.

– Speaking of our favorite injury attorneys, you know what’s missing from this lovely Devils feed simulcast? Cellino and Barnes live action pop up ads! I’m happy they’re not on the feed tonight, since they are incredibly annoying.

– Greene puts one past Miller on the power play. 2-1, Sabres.

– Holy hell, could the Devils game announcer stretch out the goal announcement names any longer? I think Langenbrunner somehow found an extra six syllables in his name after that one.

– Rolston tries to do a backhand through the legs shot to put the puck through Miller’s five hole. But fortunately, Miller was right there to poke the puck away.

– Check out the nice article that Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News posted about Buffalo, the Sabres and Chefs.

– Awww, Tyler Myers grandparents were just shown on the broadcast all proudly wearing their grandson’s sweater.

– Nice play by Pommer to break up a two on one-and-a-half (Butler and a stickless Pommer). The little pommerdoodle intercepted the Devils pass with his foot and kicked the puck right back to Butler.

Third Period

– That red velvet cupcake Chico was noshing on during “Chico Eats” looked fantastic. Though I would be on the ceiling if I drank a coffee with an extra shot of espresso in it.

– The Sabres would make me incredibly happy if they managed to score one more goal tonight. It shouldn’t be that hard to score goals. Marty’s shown some sieve like qualities tonight.

– Dear Sabres, it’s not good manners to shove the opposing players into your beloved goaltender. I don’t care if it was Niedermayer. The “Niedermayer…dead” meme should not catch Miller in the crossfire.

– We’re treated to an up close and personal look at Miller’s mask. The Matt Man MSU bulldog with the halo is such a nice tribute to his cousin.

– HONKHONKHONKHONK! Gaustad’s standing in front of Marty just preening his feathers all by his lonesome when he picks the puck up and gently taps it past Brodeur. On the replay, its clear that Ellis feeds the puck through the legs of White standing cluelessly in front of his goalie and ignoring said Goose preening in front of the goalie. 3-1, Sabres.

– Pommers just ran into Marty, knocking Marty flat on his ass (with a gentle assist from Oduya) and no Devils rush to their goalie’s defense? Huh. Does Goose need to come in and give lessons about how to defend your goalie?

The Devils reaction was eerily similar to last year’s Sabres reaction to Gomez taking out Miller.Meaning there was none.

– Parise accidentally gets high sticked by Gaustad and Parise tries valiantly to conjure up some blood with little luck. I’m sad to say that Parise won’t win an Academy Award anytime soon based on that performance.

– Happy belated birthday to Chris Butler.

– Holy cow, Miller just robbed Niedermayer on an up-close-and-personal scoring opportunity. Miller has been on his game tonight for sure.

– WHOOO! The population of Pominville increases by one as Pommers sends one from the point past Brodeur on the power play. 4-1, Sabres.

– Lemaire is lecturing and gesticulating something fierce on the Devils bench with less than a minute and a half left in the game. What good are lectures and gestures going to do at this point in the game?

– Seriously Sabres? Ending the game on a 5-on-3? Well, a win is a win. Heh.

– On a unrelated note, is Stormy the Ice Hog doing the Thriller dance in costume in these photos?


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