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Reading With the NHL: Volume 2

November 29, 2009

While perusing the shelves of my local library, I found more books written by NHLers near and far.

Jason Pominville: Sunshine, Puppies, Kittens and Rainbows: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the System

Paul Gaustad: HONK HONK HONK HONKHONKHONK (Operating Your Dishwasher Correctly and Other Ways to Save the Planet)

Sean Avery: How I Learned To Stop Flapping My Yap About My Ex’s Current Relationship

Colin Campbell: You Do The Crime, You Pay The Time. Unless You’re an NHL Superstar or Have Photos of NHL Officials in a Compromising Position or Send Us Cookies on Our Birthdays, That Is

Ryan Miller: For The Love of God, I Can’t Do It All By Myself: A Guide to Playing Goal for the Sabres

Tyler Myers: 101 Recipes to Feed the Tall Lanky Guy Who Needs to Gain Weight

Sidney Crosby: Living Rent-Free for Four Years on an NHL Player’s Salary

Red-Wings Fans: It’s Not a Trap, It’s a Good, Sound Defensive System

Carlton the Bear: Twenty Years of Service and All I Get is this #*%(#! Clock?!

Drew Stafford: Hotlanta, Hotadelphia and Coldalina. The Life of an NHLer in 140 Characters or Less.


Coldfallo v. Philly – 11.27.09

November 27, 2009

Brief thoughts after the carnage in Philly today.

– The Sabres played a very physical game today. They matched Philly hit for hit and snarl for snarl.

– At the end of the second period, I was amused by how Miller just stood calmly in his crease and looked on while all blessed hell was breaking out in the corner to his left. With how ornery both sides were today, I was half expecting Miller and Emery to get into it at some point. We know Emery has dropped the gloves before, and I’m genuinely curious about how Miller would do in a fight. We’ve seen his temper flare before, but never escalate to an all out physical fight.

– Nice job by Rivet in engaging in not one, but two fights with that little bastidge Carcillo. It was hysterical how Carcillo was sent to the dressing room to serve out his misconduct penalty because he just would not shut the eff up. I lost track of how many times the refs and his teammates came over and told him to STFU.

– Kaleta’s hit was ugly and will probably get him a suspension, mainly because he has a reputation of being an agitator and a shit-stirrer. Meanwhile, so-called league “superstars” get away scott free for similar-type hits. Reputation or status shouldn’t be a consideration for determining the length or qualifications for a suspension. We’ll have to see how long Colin Campbell drops the hammer for.

– Continuing with the ugly theme, Rivet’s crash into the boards certainly was ugly. Here’s to hoping nothing was seriosuly broken, sprained, injured or wrecked.

– Ugly: Part 3 – way to stay klassy, Philly Phans, booing Rivet as he left the ice. I know you’ve booed Santa in the past, so I should expect nothing less, but seriously. No stick taps for you on that one.

– Who woke up Timmy this game? Did the boys all chip in and get him a present? Was Daddy Timmy along for the ride and offering encouragement? As RJ and Harry both said, when Timmy shoots the puck, good things happen. Goose’s tip-in of Timmy’s shot was also a thing of beauty.

– While I was off picking up my mother from work, I was listening to the postgame show and Paul Hamilton interviewed Timmy. He said that he and Miller discussed Timmy’s accidental tip of the Flyers shot that got past Miller. They both agreed there was nothing that either one of them could have done on that one. I’d like to know at just how loud of a volume this agreement took place at. Heh.

– The Sabres dads were absolutely adorable. You could tell that their sons were a little apprehensive about them being on camera and accidentally revealing something embarassing. There were also a few sons who didn’t fall far from the family tree, if you know what I mean. The resemblance between Myers and his dad and even Pommers and his dad was uncanny. Now will the Sabres take their mommies along on a road trip? That could be priceless and show that the Sabres are equal opportunity experience sharers.

–  Can we just order a bionic lower body for Goose? The Sabres are going to miss his kickass faceoff skills if he’s going to be out for awhile.

– In case anyone is wondering, the Sabres store has Myers t-shirts. I am now the proud owner of one. And that’s my story.


Give Thanks

November 26, 2009

I’m thankful for….

My family

My friends

My job

Sabres hockey. I believe the best is yet to come.

The great people I’ve “met” through the Sabrelogosphere. There’s a lot of talented, funny and quality writers out there.

My fellow Buffalonians. To quote the great Toby Zeigler, “We win together, we lose together, we celebrate and we mourn together. And defeats are softened and victories sweetened because we did them together.”

Gel pens. Except when I accidentally smear the ink and end up looking like I murdered a Smurf.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. I wouldn’t have a job if these didn’t exist.

Ryan Miller’s earnest forthrightness during interviews. Even when you can tell he’d like to cut a member of the media.

Paul Gaustad’s insistence on giving his all every game, never taking a night off.

HD TV. Hockey and football in HD is a beautiful thing.

Timmy Connolly’s puck handling skills.

Mike Grier’s calming influence on the team. It’s almost like the boys needed that Dad-like figure in the room.

The farce that is the Indy Racing League. It gives me something to rant about when hockey’s not in session.

Sandra Lee. She’s absolutely crazy with some of the stuff she comes up with, but she’s teaching me how NOT to cook, which is kind of the opposite effect of a cooking show.

The pleasant surprise that has been Tyler Myers this season.

Lindy Ruff’s impeccable fashion sense and dry sense of humor.

Drew Stafford’s Twitter.

Heck, Twitter in general. Where else can you spend an afternoon giggling over the #kylewellwoodissofat meme or the #unwrittenNHLbooks meme. Not to mention the knowledge I’ve gained about work related matters through Twitter.

Coffee. Even if the drive thru line at Timmy Hos turns everyone into absolute morons.

I hope everyone has a safe, joyous, restful and delicious Thanksgiving. Catch y’all on the flipside for tomorrow’s Sabres/Flyers game.



November 24, 2009

I’d like to correct something that I wrote in my live-blog of last Friday’s Sabres game. Contrary to what was said on the broadcast – and later written in the blog – this upcoming road trip (the one with Philly and Washington), is the Sabres daddies trip, not the previous trip to Ottawa.

I would like to thank the Sabres Report with Derek Roy on Kiss 98.5 for assisting with this correction. I still want the team to post pictures or a video of the day or something like other teams did.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading. Carry on.


Mascots On Ice

November 23, 2009

While perusing the internets, I found this video from this past weekend’s Canadian Mascot Games in Toronto.

I’m impressed that the Toronto Raptor managed to stay upright while playing hockey without wearing skates

Also, Peter Puck’s waggling eyebrows may replace Drew Stafford’s and Peter Gallagher’s as the most impressive set of brows to ever grace the screen.


Sabres vs. Bruins – 11.20.09

November 20, 2009

First Period

– Hey Bucci, please update your mailbag to reflect the fact that Tim Kennedy plays for the Sabres, not Tyler. That Kennedy plays for the Penguins. K? Thanks, bye.

– Tallinder gets checked pretty hard by Lucic, but Myers immediately returns the favor on Looch.

– Harry mentions the Sabres are looking to crack the nut on the power play. Before they try to crack any nuts, they should check with Nicklas Lidstrom or Patrick Thoreson about nuts broken during hockey games. And what do you know, the boys go ahead and crack the figurative nut. A point shot gets deflected by Goose (HONK!) and makes its way past Rask. 1-0, Sabres.

– There’s a new Green Team PSA. In this one, Goose instructs us on how to use our dishwashers for maximum efficiency. As I do not have a dishwasher, I did not know that the “Rinse Only” cycle is inefficient and water gobbling. I guess it uses anywhere from 3-7 gallons!

– RJ reports that Chara and Gaustad are staring at each other. Will we see a Chara/Goose smackdown at some point tonight or will Roy-Z pull out his Napolean complex and try to take on the giant?

– Ooh, James Franco debuted on General Hospital today. I must catch up on the DVR this weekend.

– On a penalty kill faceoff, Gaustad is somehow curled in the fetal position on top of the puck. He does some sort of arm wiggle and the puck comes flying out of his back end. It looks like he shat out the puck, it’s that odd of a move.

– RJ and Harry pondering whether Philly fans boo Thanksgiving has to be one of the oddest things they’ve talked about. (Decision: Philly fans booed Santa, so they probably would boo some Pilgrims.)

– Myers does a fantastic job of preventing the puck from going into the Sabres net and ends up crashing hard into the boards for his effort.

– The period ends with Chara and Kaleta tangled up, as Kaleta is down on the ice with Chara’s foot trapped between his thighs. It’s pretty funny watching these two try to untangle themselves, especially since Kaleta has a vice grip on Chara’s foot.

Second Period

USA Today has posted a great article regarding Tyler Myers popularity and quick rise within the Sabres organization. It definitely sounds like Pierre McGuire has added Myers to the Man-Crush List. Also, this quote from Darcy regarding the public’s potential reaction had he sent Myers back to juniors is priceless:

“I would have had to move back there with him.”

Tall Tyler could have had his own GM-of-affairs in juniors. He would have been a hit with his teammates!

– Can we give some of these guys a geometry lesson? There’s wide angle shots, and then there’s “holy hell you just took out your wingman” wide angle shots.

– Stafford has a lower body injury and may return tonight? Was he the designated sacrificial nutcracker on the power play in the first period?

– The Sabres defense seems to be doing an excellent job of supporting Miller, especially on the penalty kill tonight. Tallinder was down on all fours and scrambling around, while Myers was in the crease keeping his stick down to cut down on the angle of the shot from the close-in Bruins player. Between Myers and Miller, no puck was getting in that net on this play.

– Pommers blocks a Chara shot and hobbles to the bench to engage in some “owwwwwwwwwwwwwww fuckkkkkk owwwwww mommmmmyyyy” whimpering. On the replay, it’s clear that the puck goes off the bony part of Pommers calf. I know it hurts like a bitch when I bounce that part of my leg off the coffee table. I can’t imagine what it’s like to take a Chara slapshot off the leg.

– On a Sabres breakaway gone wrong, Butler and the Sabres forwards miscommunicate, allowing Bitz to bring the puck out of the Boston zone. Rivet can’t stop the cross ice pass, and Looch puts the puck past Miller. The game is now tied at 1.

– I would like to point out that Goose is still leading the league in faceoff percentage, with an amazing 69.9% win rate.

– Lydman just sent Recchi tumbling with a good check. Recchi gets some style points for trying to stay on his feet.

– The period ends with Kaleta ricocheting off a couple of Bruins. He’s really making friends tonight.

Third Period

–  Harry speculates that Lindy’s pep talk during the intermission might have been something along the lines of “win the period and win the game, show each other how to do it.” I think it might have involved some profanity, but that’s just me.

– Vanek took a stick to the face while standing in front of the net. Someone get the blowhole drill ready. Rob Ray MD reports from between the benches that even though Vanek’s nose is bothering him and his eyes are watering, he’ll be fine.

– Vanek is back out on the ice and gets a couple shots on Rask. I guess Rob Ray MD was right, and while Vanek may not be fine in the normal sense of the word, he’s fine in the hockey player sense of the word.

– RJ and Harry are having a grand old time with the fact that Boston’s Bitz plays the saxophone. We know Staffy and Miller are guitar players, and Roy-Z is trying, but do any other Sabres play instruments? I’d even accept the recorder as an instrument in this case.


– RJ and Harry report that the overnight trip to Ottawa is the Sabres Fathers Road Trip. 16 of the boys have their daddies along for the ride. There had better be some photos released from this event…Sabres. Other teams have done it. (How’s that for some subtle peer pressure?)

– After Harry Neale was just praising Miller for being one of the better goalies for stopping the puck when it gets into the body, Looch tips a wrist shot from the point past Miller. Game, set and match: Boston.


Sabres vs. Panthers – 11.18.09

November 18, 2009

First Period

– During the pre-game, Roby mentions that Gaustad might just be the best forward currently on the Sabres roster. Not only does he have a 66.2% face off percentage, but he also has been “very obnoxious” to play against, wreaking havoc and distracting his opponents. He may be obnoxious, but he’s our obnoxious.

– My mother and I just played our nightly (gamely?) game of “Where’s Sabretooth?” Tonight, he’s on the bench side of the arena, halfway been the Northtown and Bud Light dasher boards.

– The Sabres have about 5 or 6 chances in front of the Panthers net, including a great attempt by Adam Mair on a falling down backhand shot, which just trickles wide of the net.

– Staffy muscles his way to the front of the net and determinedly puts the puck past Voukon. Stafford not only gets hard work points on the goal, but also picks up style points from the Ukrainian judge as he completes a spin-o-rama in the crease. 1-0, Sabres.

– Florida scores as Horton heard a who in front of the net. 1-1 tie.

Second Period

– Weiss scores after a puck handle/bocce toss by Miller goes horribly wrong and right onto Weiss’ stick. 2-1, Panthers.

– Someone just told someone else (I’m assuming a ref) to make a fucking call.  And to think these guys kiss their mothers with those mouths.

– Harry Neale starts describing Gregory Campbell’s almost full face mask to protect his broken cheekbone and loose teeth. Only in hockey do players have broken bones in the face and come back within a week or two* of the injury.

*Decidedly less time if the optional blowhole is installed.

– RJ mentioned that Roy-Z’s check on the Florida player was a tit-for-tat thing. Why does a “tit-for-tat” thing sound like it happens on Chippewa way too often? Heh.

– As you can see by how much I’ve written tonight, this has just been a thrilling game.

Third Period

– Why couldn’t Scott “It’s Always My Teammates Fault and Never My Fault” Clemmensen play tonight for the Panthers?

– The crowd seems to have woken up, as a rousing “Let’s Go Buffalo” chant breaks out. As the TV feed heads to commercial, some wise ass busts out with “ONE! WE WANT TWO!”

– Florida scores again, and the goal puts Miller down on his dupa. 3-1, Panthers.

– WHOOO! MacArthur is just standing innocently by the side of the net and puts the puck into the open net. 3-2, Panthers.

– Kaleta gets called for interference and Florida scores off a deflection on the ensuing power play. 4-2, Panthers.

– Ruff pulls the Miller and Florida scores into the empty net. 5-2, Panthers.

– I have no idea what happens, but somehow Moore scores. 6-2, Panthers.

– That would be three goals in one minute and three seconds for the Panthers, if you’re keeping track at home. I suppose the next question is whether I want to watch the bitchiness that is going to be the post game show.


Sabres vs. Flyers – 11.14.09

November 14, 2009


– No Stafford tonight, as he apparently has some sort of hip injury. No word on if its due to his scuffle with Pocohontas and some buffalo. Tyler Ennis – that would be the short Tyler of the 2008 draft – has been called up from Portland to replace Stafford. Anyone want to make bets as to how many Ellis/Ennis mixups Neale will have tonight? I’m thinking at least three, as Neale was mixing up MacArthur/McKinley/McIntire during last night’s game. So what if one’s a hockey player/general, one’s a president and one’s a New Kid. They’re all interchangeable for dear Harry.

– Anyway, thanks to the wonder that is The Google, I found this article regarding Stafford’s expectations for this season, including a comment from Lindy regarding Stafford’s potential:

If his career keeps progressing, Stafford could become the Sabres’ supreme leader one day. Ruff believes Stafford is a “captain-type person.”

I hope that the era of Supreme Leader Staffy does come after the eras of Supreme Leader Rivet and Supreme Leader Goose. As I re-read that sentence, I realize that it makes them sound like they’re leading their own little versions of the communist party and not leading a hockey team. But I’m not the one that used that phrase first, I just picked up the ball and ran with it. Heh.

First Period

– There’s a kerfluffle in front of Miller and Myers and Carcillo start going at it. If anyone is going to try and take on Myers, they’d have to hit up rather than across in order to land any punches. When the bodies are sorted out, Carcillo is in the box for cross checking Myers.

– The Sabres get crotchety (well, most of the time) when one of their opponents tumbles into Miller. Chris Pronger, on the other hand, shoves Sabres into Emery. That makes no sense.

– WHOO! Vanek takes a MacArthur pass and ships it past Emery. 1-0, Sabres.

– Can I still refer to Briere as a slag-faced whore or has that statute of limitations expired? Either way, he gets a shot past Miller, but it clanks with a thud off the post. That goalpost was Miller’s best friend and gets a cookie from this blogger for it’s heroic effort in preventing that goal.

– Gaustad and Pronger decide to go after each other as a result of Pronger shoved Gaustad into the crossbar. RJ takes this opportunity to make a Mrs. Lauren Pronger joke, which while kind of low, is still funny. Gaustad was all hepped up over the hit and honked mightly at Pronger while trying to chase him around the ice. Apparently, HONKHONKHONKHONK HONK HOOOOOOONK translates into “don’t effing touch me again, you dirty rotten arsehole.”

– Roy deflects a beautiful pass from Vanek off the goalpost. That’s the second Sabres shot in the past five minutes that went off the post and/or crossbar. Emery’s posts and crossbars do not get cookies from this blogger.

Second Period

– On intermission, we’re treated to a recap of Ryan Miller’s visit to the Grand-Am race at the Glen this past summer. I give him credit for doing a gently understated version of  “Gentlemen, start your engines.” I’ve seen entirely too many versions of it that are just so ridiculously over the top. When Miller mentions that he had previously been to the Detroit Grand Prix when it was on Belle Isle, my mother and I then try to figure out whether Miller was there when it was a CART/Champcar event or an IRL event, as both series raced at Belle Isle.Why is this important? Because the IRL represents the downfall of American open-wheel racing, and I’d really like to not think of my beloved goalie attending an IRL race…even if he was comped admission or a member of the red hat brigade. I realize that statement makes sense to only about three of you in the audience, but Tony George’s egocentric asshat-ness ruined the greatness that was American open-wheel racing.

– What’s the hit count from Kaleta tonight? We hear RJ talking about them, but we don’t seem to be seeing them.

– Something happened to Rivet and he’s bent over in two on the Sabres bench. His body language is screaming “fuck…..owwww…mommmmmmmyyyyyyy.” Or words to that effect.

– Emery gets caught out of the net but scoots back in time to stop Timmy from firing the puck into a wide open net.

– And now it’s Miller’s turn to get caught out of the net as Richards tries a wraparound, but luckily the Sabres skaters team up to force Richards to go wide and give Miller enough time to get back in the crease.

– Oh dear, Tallinder gets leveled by Laperriere and heads off to the bench. I hope that hit doesn’t cause Feisty, Competent Hank to retreat and cause Shy Scared Hank to come back out.

– Holy hell, that was an ugly shift by the Sabres. There’s shots flying, bodies tumbling and Miller remaining the lone line of defense against the Flyers. Luckily, the Flyers do not score.

– WHOOOO! Tyler Ennis gets his first NHL goal as he’s in the right corner of the crease at the right time to put the puck past Emery. Not bad for a kid who got off the plane an hour before the puck dropped. 2-0, Sabres.

– The period ends with a flurry in the Sabres end, as Miller does everything but a Rockette kick line to keep the puck out of the net.

Third Period

– In person, Gaustad is a solid, yet skinny, guy. When he’s in his full hockey gear and standing next to K-Syl, he’s a freaking giant. And again, Sabres broadcast people, can’t K-Syl have a box to stand on so that interviews aren’t so awkward?

– Pronger lets a shot go from the point and it gets past Miller. 2-1, Sabres.

– I’m feeling the wingnuts slowly coming loose on this wagon. Vanek gets a slashing penalty for chopping Richards stick out of his hands from behind in the neutral zone. That kinds of sounds like the solution to a game of Clue, heh.

– Way to be classy there, Philly fans, booing Chris Butler as he hauls himself up off the ice after a hit from the slag faced hobbit whore. When all is said and done, Butler is in the box for cross-checking and Briere gets a 4-minute penalty.

– Gaustad is a one man wrecking crew, as he not only wins the face off, but tips a Myers shot past a clueless Emery. 3-1, Sabres.

– Carter scores a shorthanded goal as the Sabres power play turns into one giant fustercluck. Four Sabres could not handle two Flyers. Unbelievable. 3-2, Sabres.

– Kaleta manages to catch up to Carcillo and back check the puck away from him. What’s so surprising about that? Kaleta was two strides behind and appears to be the only guy with some vim and vigor left in him at this point in the game.

– Miller’s gotten run over a few times in this period. Are his teammates blaming distraction by low flying pelicans for their inability to keep the Flyers out of the damn crease and away from their goalie?

– That was an ugly third period, and the boys may be tired and/or in need of a refresher on the “hockey games are 60 minutes long” lecture. But that should be overshadowed by Miller’s good night, Gaustad’s one man band on the game winning goal, and Ennis’ first career goal in his first career NHL game.

– Also, the Sabres and the Devils remain tied for the league lead in least number of goals allowed. Is this a product of their systems or because of their stellar goalie talent? Discuss.


Sabres vs. Flames – 11.13.09

November 13, 2009

First Period

– The game hasn’t even started and I have a headache. I just spent five minutes explaining to my mother why a certain blogger whose name rhymes with Blecklund is full of it. She said one of her co-workers heard that Mair was waived and Paille traded so that Satan could come back to Buffalo, because apparently he is eager to come back here. The Google sourced that back to Blecklund. However, couldn’t Satan not wait to get the heck out of Buffalo? Why would he come back?

– Ryan Miller’s thoughts on hits to the head (found in today’s Buffalo News) were extremely well articulated and thoughtful, as are most things that he says. I agree that something needs to be done to legislate and moderate hits to the head. Who cares if it’s a star or a lowly third-or-fourth liner doing the hitting, it all needs to be dealt with the same way. Hits in and of themselves are good. Hits to the head are bad. I also like that Miller went out on the limb of saying that the league needs to deal with real issues (hits to the head) instead of media-negotiated issues like goalie gear. Not many players these days are willing to step out on that ledge of calling out the league, and honestly it’s refreshing.

– Langkow puts the puck past Miller.  The Sabres fan side of me is pissed that the goal went in, but Langkow is on the roster of the Two-Eyed Pea Brains, so at least my fantasy team makes out in the deal. 1-0, Flames.

– The Flames last won in Buffalo 13-years ago. That is not a reassuring sign for tonight’s game. I’m feeling a 8-2 blowout, with the Flames coming out on the favorable side.

– So who peed in Adam Mair’s cornflakes today? It’s been a heck of a long time since I’ve seen him that feisty. Is it a subtle eff off to Sabres management or an attempt to spark the team? RJ reports that the fight with Prust took 42 seconds from start to finish. That’s impressive for a hockey fight.

– Buffalo ends up with a power play as one Flame is in the box for hooking and another Flame is in the box for doing something bad during a 9 player scrum in front of the net. I didn’t know you could fit that many people in such a small area. Then again, if we could fit 13-people into a latrine stall at Camp Seven Hills during a game of Sardines, I suppose 9 people could fit in a goalie crease.

– I fully expect Kaleta to go through the glass one of these nights and end up in some lady’s lap in the third row. He tried to line up Jokinen and then a minute later, got a piece of Regehr. The hits might not have landed, but the glass sure got a good rattle.

– Rob Ray reports that Pat Kaleta is officially off Brent Sutter’s Christmas card list, as Sutter spent a good chunk of time expressing his opinion to the refs about Kaleta’s playing style. Sadly, it apparently used words not fit for a family forum. (Profanity? In hockey? Hard to believe, right?)

– WHOOO! Roy-Z pops the puck past Kipper on the power play. Tied at 1-1.

– The Sabres currently have the advantage in SOG: 17-4.

– All in all, it was a pretty decent first period. The Sabres shot the puck, skated with the Flames, were feisty with the Flames, and didn’t let a team of Calgary’s caliber roll over them.

Second Period

– I’m incredibly amused by the RJ holiday card. That thing would be fun to have around. Though RJ dressed as Santa (hopefully with the Stanley Cup in the gift bag) is much better than RJ dressed as a 50s girl.

– The Sabres spend a good chunk of the first part of this period on the penalty kill, as Hecht and Rivet are both sent to the box for assorted misdeeds.

– Miller was just run over by one of the Flames and retaliates – without penalty – with a couple of well-thrown swings of his blocker. At first glance, I thought he was trying to hit the Flame in the bits, but the replay showed otherwise. I can only imagine how cranky Miller is going to be in his postgame interview tonight.

– Staffy, I don’t care if it’s your 200th game tonight, you owe Ryan a nice, frosty cold one after he stopped the Flames breakaway that happened because of your giveaway at the other end of the ice. Hell, you can even split the cost of the nice, frosty cold one with the rest of your teammates…who haven’t managed to get a shot on goal AT ALL yet this period.

– Gaustad and Phaneuf fight. Well, I wouldn’t call it a fight so much as I would call it a wrestling match. There was more grappling than punching. Both gentlemen are sent off for five minutes, only Goose is sent to the locker room with a nice chorus of “Gooooooooose.”

– The Flames win the SOG battle in the second at 12-3. The game is still tied at one.

Third Period

– As has been reported on Twitter and Sabres Edge, there is a gentleman wearing a Gumby suit sitting behind the benches. I have to wonder how this dude got the Gumby head past arena security. I get gruff for having a granola bar in my purse, but I guess a Gumby head is alright to have. (ETA: Check out Top Shelf for the single best piece of camera work to date by the Sabres.)

– I have to wonder if Roby and K-Syl coordinated their wardrobes tonight. Both are wearing pinstripe suits, pastel colored shirts and swirly-patterned ties.

– I’d love to be able to eavesdrop on Gaustad and Phaneuf’s conversations tonight. They look like they could be mighty entertaining. I’m sure they’re just exchanging recipes for Thanksgiving or discussing the best way to get blood out of a hockey sweater.

– Iginla tries to jam himself between Roy-Z and the goal post and takes the post, net and Miller all off their moorings. That might leave a bit of a bruise on Miller in the morning.

– The 30th anniversary patch on the Flames sweater is huge and incredibly distracting. A patch is only good if it’s subtle, in my opinion.

– Phaneuf heads off to the dressing room after blocking a shot right at the end of the third period.


– So my 8-2 blowout prediction was wrong. And that’s why I don’t bet on sports…except for the $20 I gave the ‘rents to put on the Sabres for the Cup at the Vegas sportsbook.

– Pommers has a nice chance in the opening seconds of overtime, but misses. The story of Pommers play lately, I guess.

– Jokinen gets sent to the box for tripping Myers. There’s something extra fun and suspenseful about the power play in overtime. So far, the power play has generated some shots, a lot of non-rebounds, and a Roy-Z sliding into Miller. When all is said and done, Calgary blocked four shots on the power play.

– And Miller has a little tuft of hair coming out of one of the air vents in his helmet. It’s kind of adorable, like something you see on a little kid.


– Dawes, Jokinen and Iginla for Calgary shooting against Connolly, Roy and Myers for Buffalo.

Timmy misses.

Dawes misses.

Roy-Z! Top shelf!

Jokinen makes it through the five hole.

Myers misses.

Iginla misses.

Pommers increases the population of Pominville!

Miller stops Bourque cold. And the villagers…namely the Sabres players…rejoice!


Sabres vs. Oilers – 11.11.09

November 11, 2009

First Period

– Before the game starts, let’s all take a moment to remember those men and women who have served in the military, gone forth and done what those of us cannot, will not or are too scared shitless to do. One of my favorite things to do on Veterans Day is read the poem In Flanders Fields. The poem is beautifully written and really makes you think about those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. And that was an excellent cheer coming from the fans tonight after the anthems. Very nice, very classy and very respectable…which are not often words that can be linked together regarding Buffalo sports fans (depending on who you ask, heh).

– I think I met my monthly profanity quota in a two-hour timespan at the office today when dealing with a corrupted power point file. So here’s to hoping that the Sabres do not cause me to start swearing again.

– The NHL suspension chart on Down Goes Brown is both funny and eerily accurate.

– From the peanut gallery (aka my mom) after seeing Lindy standing behind the  bench looking a little dour: “Either he’s mad or he needs a good enema.”

– Aww, Rob Ray has a friend tonight. Pierre McGuire is sharing his cozy little spot between the benches. And speaking of Mr. Ray, why do I think the WGR roast of him at the Whiney Awards could be absolutely hysterical?

– A Khabibulin rebound bounces just wide of Goose who is backwards tangled up with an Oiler in front of the net. That was the best chance the Sabres had so far.

– Was there a team bonding experience that involved getting black eyes? Rivet is sporting a hell of a shiner, and Goose looks like he’s sporting the remnants of one, along with a scratch on the side of his face.

– Staffy’s pitching a tent in front of the net and getting quite cozy, which makes it very easy for him to tap in Vanek’s rebound. 1-0, Sabres.

– RJ: “Grier couldn’t get good wood on it.”  Oh dear. I think they have a medicine for that these days.

– The Sabres are playing with spirit and spunk tonight. Here’s to hoping that they won’t again follow the pattern of good Wednesday night game, so-so Friday night game and utter train wreck of a Saturday game.

Second Period

– Pull your heads out of the gutter with my pitching a tent reference earlier. I know what you’re all thinking.

– These My Little Ponies dressed as music stars are amazing, though the Gene Simmons pony is disturbing on so many levels.

– We’re treated to a brief candid look at Roby and Kevin Sylvester watching the game from their perch in the 200 Level. K-Syl is gesticulating wildly and Roby’s tie is loosened, giving a slightly rakish air to his appearance.

– Tonight’s the first time I’ve noticed this, but why is Enroth standing on the Sabres bench? Usually when Miller or Lalime take up residence in the backup goalie spot on the bench, they’re chilling out and mellow, not standing at attention.

– Montador scores his first goal as a Sabre to make it 2-0, Sabres. Montador picked up a rebound just inside the circle and slapped the snot out of it to get it past Khabibulin.

– After exiting the penalty box, Vanek gets hauled down by Staios. Both children end up going to the box, as Staios gets the original penalty and Vanek for diving. I don’t really think that was a dive, just an embellished fall. Hollywood actors make good money for that.

– The wacky play department decides that it needs to contribute to tonight’s game. Miller makes a save, causing the puck to ricochet off the crossbar and away from the net. Then Rivet jumps over a prone Miller like goalie leaping is the new Olympic sport. Meanwhile, the Sabres send the puck up ice, but that perfectly good scoring opportunity is ruined when the team is called for too many men on the ice. While expressing his opinion to the refs (alright, he was screaming), Lindy’s face is turning the most interesting shade of red.

– I’m sure that Gaustad’s cross check of Comrie was just Goose expressing his opinion about how upset he is that Comrie’s girlfriend is apparently going to get in touch with her inner bitch on the next episode of Gossip Girl. (And speaking of GG, that was what the Parents Television Council got their honkers all in a squawk about? Seriously? I’d be more upset about the fact that it was Lizzie McGuire taking part in the OM3! than the fact that it consisted of nothing more than three kisses and some post-OM3! cuddling. Also, Chace Crawford does comedic relief/wingman really well.)

— O’Sullivan rips the puck past Miller on the short side while the Sabres are down two men. 2-1, Sabres.

Third Period

– I meant to say this earlier, but RJ sounds much better tonight. During Saturday night’s game he sounded incredibly mellow, even somewhat down, while doing the play-by-play.

– Vanek takes a tripping penalty, which is his third of the night. Who would have thought Vanek would be helping out fantasy owners in the PIM category tonight?

– I take a bathroom break and miss the photo of RJ and Harry at the Catwalk for Charity and the fact that Grier has left the ice for the night. And that is why we can’t have nice blogs.

– And for everyone predicting that Miller would end up in Detroit, they were right. Only they picked the wrong Miller. Ryan’s baby brother Drew was claimed off the waiver wire by the Red Wings.

– Pommers had a nice jump save to keep the puck in zone on the power play. However, I am about this close to becoming one of those SHOOOOOT people during the power play. The passing nonsense is getting out of control.

– Something you never want to see, a player laying prone against the boards. C-Mac shoved Reddox into the boards and he hit at an awkward angle. The Sabres doctors are out on the ice, offering their assistance to the Oilers training staff. While Reddox did walk down the hallway, he did appear quite woozy as they assisted him off the ice. At least C-Mac realized right away that he was injured, and tried to motion for help. C-Mac is given a five minute major for boarding, so the Sabres will be playing shorthanded for all but the last minute of the game.

One thing I don’t like is seeing the remaining players on the ice cause a ruckus and start scuffling around where the injured player is down on the ice. If you want to defend your teammates honor, that’s fine. Just do it elsewhere on the ice and let the hurt dude breathe and make sure all his limbs are working and eggs unscrambled.

– I think I need a cigarette after that kill of the MacArthur penalty. There were multiple clears, some great shot blocking and impressive takeaways. The pessimist in me half expected Edmonton to put one on the board during that power play. Five minutes is a heck of a long time to be rotating a squad of four in and out. And Miller was again the best penalty killer.

– Eff yeah, Hecht scores in the empty net to make it 3-1, Sabres. Finally, Yo-Yo puts one in the net. Someone give that boy a cookie.