Oh Marty.

November 5, 2009

– While discussing how scrappy Marty was last night, Miller noted that he wouldn’t be able to ever participate in a goalie scrap with Marty for the following reason.

“I wouldn’t even be able to stop laughing to even throw a punch at him,” Miller said.

But remember the Marty / Emery brawl featured the two of them laughing hysterically at each other.

– Also, has Pat Kaleta never heard of a washing machine? He threw out all his bedding to remove any traces of the flu? Patty, honey, it’s called detergent, hot water and this fun little machine that you might have in your basement. Then again, if you need help picking out new bedding, I have the Ikea catalogue at the ready. Call me!

Sully hops on the bring Marty back to Buffalo train.  Also, I really don’t buy his hypothesis that Lalime cost the Sabres a playoff spot last spring. Lalime was just one of several issues last spring. It’s all water under the bridge now, but if Lalime continues to have a wonky groin and Enroth doesn’t play well while he’s up here, then something probably would need to be done. Despite popular opinion, Miller can’t play every night. The more he plays without rest, the higher his chances for injury get.



  1. Hahahah wow, Kaleta sounds just like a typical college kid living on his own for the first time. I know some guys who just buy new clothes when it’s time to do laundry…tsk tsk.

  2. And it’s not like he’s far from home to even have Mommy Kaleta come and do his laundry. And if he has a front loading washing machine, he has the added benefit of being distracted by the laundry channel while the load is washing. The whole thing just cracked me up.

  3. How could Lalime cost the Sabres a playoff spot last Srping? He must have forgotten that the Sabres looked lost in front of him after both Miller and Vanek went down.

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