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Sabres v. Flyers – 11.6.09

November 6, 2009

First Period

– This whole “home team wearing white” thing is going to confuse me tonight. I know it’s the classic, traditional way, but I almost seem to have gotten used to the home team wearing dark sweaters. Heaven help me, the Bettman Kool-Aid has sunk in on this one. It’s later discussed that the Sabres will wear their thirds in Philly to amend for the change to tonight’s wardrobes.

– Hockey players trying to conjure up blood after a high sticking penalty is still one of the most ridiculous things about this sport. We were just privy to Gaustad wincing and checking his hand repeatedly for blood. I half expect someone to pull out a package of that fake Hollywood corn syrup blood one of these days.

– The Flyers are apparently very good at blocking shots. They’re not letting many shots get through to Emery. They also are very good at clogging up the lanes in front of Emery. There’s a joke

– What the hell was that? Connolly sends a beautiful pass to Pominville who is standing all alone in front of Emery, and Pominville whiffs on the puck. The poor little button just completely missed. Do new babies take away your coordination?

– Meanwhile, back at the Miller ranch, Mike Richards gets in on a breakaway, but has his shot taken away by a clean backcheck by Lil’ Timmy. Miller also was playing Richards beautifully.

– With five minutes left in the first, Philly has snapped two sticks while taking shots.

– I don’t know how he did it, but Kaleta trips over his own two feet and somehow manages to get a penalty called on Asham. The ensuing power play only has one really nice opportunity. The rest is kind of a hot mess.

– Myers went down to block a shot and the puck goes past Miller. Miller starts indignantly waving his glove saying that the shot went in off a high stick. The goal counts much to Miller’s eye-rolling chagrin. 1-0, Flyers.

Second Period

– Roby is very colorful tonight, with the royal blue coat; red blue and tan tie; and bright red poppy pin. I feel so dowdy in my navy blue shirt and pajama pants.

– If Mike Richards is still in fact boycotting the media, I would like to give him a hearty dose of “grow the fuck up.” You’re the captain of the team. Boycotting the media because they may be hitting a bit too close to home regarding your off-ice activities last season is a ridiculously childish thing to do. What kind of example are you setting for your teammates. “Ohhhhh. Idon’t like these questions. You’re being mean. I don’t want to talk to you” is no way for a professional athlete to act. I mean, the Sabres probably had to want to chuck most of the Buffalo media off the Skyway during the summer and season of the neverending Drury/Briere questions, but they still talked to the media. They didn’t not talk to the media because they didn’t like the questions that were asked.

– Pronger flips a wrist shot off Rivet’s hip and past Miller. 2-0, Flyers.

– The Flyers come within a hair of making it 3-0, as a shot ricochets off the post and off of Miller and almost over the goal line. Miller has to sit on the puck to get it under control.

– Where have the spunky, take no prisoners Sabres gone? These guys seem almost passive and have managed to somehow take the crowd out of the game.

– Kaleta knee-on-knee hits Tollefson, causing a minor kerfluffle with Tollefson and Richards. All three children are sent away for penalty time. I did like that Montador and Gaustad were the two Sabres that jumped in to help Kaleta unstick himself from a situation of his own damn making. I get that you’re trying to spark your team into something, but knee on knee never results in anything good.

– Roy-Z takes a shot off the backboards and puts it past Emery. 2-1, Flyers.

– Pommer’s assist on the Roy goal was his 300th career point. If goals are the population of Pominville, assists would be like the suburbs, right? (And now I’m so confused. Harry Neale said it was Pommer. Sabres Twitter says it’s Timmy’s 300th career point. Who do I believe???? And now Timmy will hit his 500th career game later this season? I can’t believe Timmy’s going to hit 500 career games. It seems like he’s been on the shelf for 500 games and not actually on the ice for that many.)

Matt Ellis gets called for tripping and is standing there with a “what the eff did I do?” expression on his face. Some of these hockey players are more expressive than some very well paid actors. Of course, the actors can read a cue card. Hockey players, not so much (depending on the player).

– Holy end to end rush there, Mr. Tallinder. I never knew you had it in you.

– Can Montador and Carcillo just drop the gloves already? Why penalize the two of them for “threatening to fight?” That’s almost as good as “fucking around” in the penalty lexicon.

– van Riemsdyk banks a puck off Miller’s pad and into the net. 3-1, Flyers. Miller just misplayed that one.

– Again I ask: where have my spunky little Sabres gone? I don’t like these passive snots that are playing tonight.

Third Period

– Is the ice really bad at HSBC? This is at least the third game I’ve heard a player complain about the ice conditions. Tonight’s complainant was Roy-Z during his interview in the intermission with Rob Ray.

– Another deflected shot gets past Miller and it’s now 4-1, Flyers.

– I’m almost tempted to stop watching the game and go catch up on today’s General Hospital. I had kicked that habit, and then Jonathan Jackson had to come back and be all wonderful and talented and emote-y as Lucky and I got sucked back in. Never mind that the show glorifies the mob, shows law enforcement as incompetent and hits new and creative levels of misogyny every week, I still keep watching.

– Tyler Myers just kind of put the puck into the net while trying to center it for a teammate. Any goal is a good goal at this point. 4-2, Sabres.

– Lil’ Timmy goes off for a quick first aid session with the trainers after taking the shaft of a stick in the nose. No penalty was called. Then again, I’ve lost track of the non-penalties called in this game so far.

– Carcillo shoots and scores. 5-2, Flyers. Thank you, good night and drive home safely.