Sabres vs. Oilers – 11.11.09

November 11, 2009

First Period

– Before the game starts, let’s all take a moment to remember those men and women who have served in the military, gone forth and done what those of us cannot, will not or are too scared shitless to do. One of my favorite things to do on Veterans Day is read the poem In Flanders Fields. The poem is beautifully written and really makes you think about those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. And that was an excellent cheer coming from the fans tonight after the anthems. Very nice, very classy and very respectable…which are not often words that can be linked together regarding Buffalo sports fans (depending on who you ask, heh).

– I think I met my monthly profanity quota in a two-hour timespan at the office today when dealing with a corrupted power point file. So here’s to hoping that the Sabres do not cause me to start swearing again.

– The NHL suspension chart on Down Goes Brown is both funny and eerily accurate.

– From the peanut gallery (aka my mom) after seeing Lindy standing behind the  bench looking a little dour: “Either he’s mad or he needs a good enema.”

– Aww, Rob Ray has a friend tonight. Pierre McGuire is sharing his cozy little spot between the benches. And speaking of Mr. Ray, why do I think the WGR roast of him at the Whiney Awards could be absolutely hysterical?

– A Khabibulin rebound bounces just wide of Goose who is backwards tangled up with an Oiler in front of the net. That was the best chance the Sabres had so far.

– Was there a team bonding experience that involved getting black eyes? Rivet is sporting a hell of a shiner, and Goose looks like he’s sporting the remnants of one, along with a scratch on the side of his face.

– Staffy’s pitching a tent in front of the net and getting quite cozy, which makes it very easy for him to tap in Vanek’s rebound. 1-0, Sabres.

– RJ: “Grier couldn’t get good wood on it.”  Oh dear. I think they have a medicine for that these days.

– The Sabres are playing with spirit and spunk tonight. Here’s to hoping that they won’t again follow the pattern of good Wednesday night game, so-so Friday night game and utter train wreck of a Saturday game.

Second Period

– Pull your heads out of the gutter with my pitching a tent reference earlier. I know what you’re all thinking.

– These My Little Ponies dressed as music stars are amazing, though the Gene Simmons pony is disturbing on so many levels.

– We’re treated to a brief candid look at Roby and Kevin Sylvester watching the game from their perch in the 200 Level. K-Syl is gesticulating wildly and Roby’s tie is loosened, giving a slightly rakish air to his appearance.

– Tonight’s the first time I’ve noticed this, but why is Enroth standing on the Sabres bench? Usually when Miller or Lalime take up residence in the backup goalie spot on the bench, they’re chilling out and mellow, not standing at attention.

– Montador scores his first goal as a Sabre to make it 2-0, Sabres. Montador picked up a rebound just inside the circle and slapped the snot out of it to get it past Khabibulin.

– After exiting the penalty box, Vanek gets hauled down by Staios. Both children end up going to the box, as Staios gets the original penalty and Vanek for diving. I don’t really think that was a dive, just an embellished fall. Hollywood actors make good money for that.

– The wacky play department decides that it needs to contribute to tonight’s game. Miller makes a save, causing the puck to ricochet off the crossbar and away from the net. Then Rivet jumps over a prone Miller like goalie leaping is the new Olympic sport. Meanwhile, the Sabres send the puck up ice, but that perfectly good scoring opportunity is ruined when the team is called for too many men on the ice. While expressing his opinion to the refs (alright, he was screaming), Lindy’s face is turning the most interesting shade of red.

– I’m sure that Gaustad’s cross check of Comrie was just Goose expressing his opinion about how upset he is that Comrie’s girlfriend is apparently going to get in touch with her inner bitch on the next episode of Gossip Girl. (And speaking of GG, that was what the Parents Television Council got their honkers all in a squawk about? Seriously? I’d be more upset about the fact that it was Lizzie McGuire taking part in the OM3! than the fact that it consisted of nothing more than three kisses and some post-OM3! cuddling. Also, Chace Crawford does comedic relief/wingman really well.)

— O’Sullivan rips the puck past Miller on the short side while the Sabres are down two men. 2-1, Sabres.

Third Period

– I meant to say this earlier, but RJ sounds much better tonight. During Saturday night’s game he sounded incredibly mellow, even somewhat down, while doing the play-by-play.

– Vanek takes a tripping penalty, which is his third of the night. Who would have thought Vanek would be helping out fantasy owners in the PIM category tonight?

– I take a bathroom break and miss the photo of RJ and Harry at the Catwalk for Charity and the fact that Grier has left the ice for the night. And that is why we can’t have nice blogs.

– And for everyone predicting that Miller would end up in Detroit, they were right. Only they picked the wrong Miller. Ryan’s baby brother Drew was claimed off the waiver wire by the Red Wings.

– Pommers had a nice jump save to keep the puck in zone on the power play. However, I am about this close to becoming one of those SHOOOOOT people during the power play. The passing nonsense is getting out of control.

– Something you never want to see, a player laying prone against the boards. C-Mac shoved Reddox into the boards and he hit at an awkward angle. The Sabres doctors are out on the ice, offering their assistance to the Oilers training staff. While Reddox did walk down the hallway, he did appear quite woozy as they assisted him off the ice. At least C-Mac realized right away that he was injured, and tried to motion for help. C-Mac is given a five minute major for boarding, so the Sabres will be playing shorthanded for all but the last minute of the game.

One thing I don’t like is seeing the remaining players on the ice cause a ruckus and start scuffling around where the injured player is down on the ice. If you want to defend your teammates honor, that’s fine. Just do it elsewhere on the ice and let the hurt dude breathe and make sure all his limbs are working and eggs unscrambled.

– I think I need a cigarette after that kill of the MacArthur penalty. There were multiple clears, some great shot blocking and impressive takeaways. The pessimist in me half expected Edmonton to put one on the board during that power play. Five minutes is a heck of a long time to be rotating a squad of four in and out. And Miller was again the best penalty killer.

– Eff yeah, Hecht scores in the empty net to make it 3-1, Sabres. Finally, Yo-Yo puts one in the net. Someone give that boy a cookie.



  1. I think RJ had the quote of the night before the game even began – “Marty Biron watched everything up to and including Sesame Street.”

    Oy, Vanek. Is he trying to make up in penalties what he should be getting in goals? And speaking of penalties – whoever would’ve thought that Clarke MacArthur would be leading the team in PIMs? (At least I’m guessing… I don’t know how anyone could match up to 2 misconducts this early in the season.)

    – Was there a team bonding experience that involved getting black eyes? Rivet is sporting a hell of a shiner, and Goose looks like he’s sporting the remnants of one, along with a scratch on the side of his face.

    Um, hope that’s the aftereffects of Saturday. Let’s not turn into Ottawa, boys. http://www.hockeyfightsdump.com/articles/43/Team-Mates-of-Ottawa-Hockey-Team-Fight.html

  2. Enroth is probably trying to watch every thing Miller does and learn from the best and he’s kinda short so he must have to stand? Either that or he thinks he may have to make a change on the fly?

    Also, on the black eyes, you KNOW they have a fight club. Or they just get overzealous with their pingpong games.

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