Sabres vs. Flames – 11.13.09

November 13, 2009

First Period

– The game hasn’t even started and I have a headache. I just spent five minutes explaining to my mother why a certain blogger whose name rhymes with Blecklund is full of it. She said one of her co-workers heard that Mair was waived and Paille traded so that Satan could come back to Buffalo, because apparently he is eager to come back here. The Google sourced that back to Blecklund. However, couldn’t Satan not wait to get the heck out of Buffalo? Why would he come back?

– Ryan Miller’s thoughts on hits to the head (found in today’s Buffalo News) were extremely well articulated and thoughtful, as are most things that he says. I agree that something needs to be done to legislate and moderate hits to the head. Who cares if it’s a star or a lowly third-or-fourth liner doing the hitting, it all needs to be dealt with the same way. Hits in and of themselves are good. Hits to the head are bad. I also like that Miller went out on the limb of saying that the league needs to deal with real issues (hits to the head) instead of media-negotiated issues like goalie gear. Not many players these days are willing to step out on that ledge of calling out the league, and honestly it’s refreshing.

– Langkow puts the puck past Miller.  The Sabres fan side of me is pissed that the goal went in, but Langkow is on the roster of the Two-Eyed Pea Brains, so at least my fantasy team makes out in the deal. 1-0, Flames.

– The Flames last won in Buffalo 13-years ago. That is not a reassuring sign for tonight’s game. I’m feeling a 8-2 blowout, with the Flames coming out on the favorable side.

– So who peed in Adam Mair’s cornflakes today? It’s been a heck of a long time since I’ve seen him that feisty. Is it a subtle eff off to Sabres management or an attempt to spark the team? RJ reports that the fight with Prust took 42 seconds from start to finish. That’s impressive for a hockey fight.

– Buffalo ends up with a power play as one Flame is in the box for hooking and another Flame is in the box for doing something bad during a 9 player scrum in front of the net. I didn’t know you could fit that many people in such a small area. Then again, if we could fit 13-people into a latrine stall at Camp Seven Hills during a game of Sardines, I suppose 9 people could fit in a goalie crease.

– I fully expect Kaleta to go through the glass one of these nights and end up in some lady’s lap in the third row. He tried to line up Jokinen and then a minute later, got a piece of Regehr. The hits might not have landed, but the glass sure got a good rattle.

– Rob Ray reports that Pat Kaleta is officially off Brent Sutter’s Christmas card list, as Sutter spent a good chunk of time expressing his opinion to the refs about Kaleta’s playing style. Sadly, it apparently used words not fit for a family forum. (Profanity? In hockey? Hard to believe, right?)

– WHOOO! Roy-Z pops the puck past Kipper on the power play. Tied at 1-1.

– The Sabres currently have the advantage in SOG: 17-4.

– All in all, it was a pretty decent first period. The Sabres shot the puck, skated with the Flames, were feisty with the Flames, and didn’t let a team of Calgary’s caliber roll over them.

Second Period

– I’m incredibly amused by the RJ holiday card. That thing would be fun to have around. Though RJ dressed as Santa (hopefully with the Stanley Cup in the gift bag) is much better than RJ dressed as a 50s girl.

– The Sabres spend a good chunk of the first part of this period on the penalty kill, as Hecht and Rivet are both sent to the box for assorted misdeeds.

– Miller was just run over by one of the Flames and retaliates – without penalty – with a couple of well-thrown swings of his blocker. At first glance, I thought he was trying to hit the Flame in the bits, but the replay showed otherwise. I can only imagine how cranky Miller is going to be in his postgame interview tonight.

– Staffy, I don’t care if it’s your 200th game tonight, you owe Ryan a nice, frosty cold one after he stopped the Flames breakaway that happened because of your giveaway at the other end of the ice. Hell, you can even split the cost of the nice, frosty cold one with the rest of your teammates…who haven’t managed to get a shot on goal AT ALL yet this period.

– Gaustad and Phaneuf fight. Well, I wouldn’t call it a fight so much as I would call it a wrestling match. There was more grappling than punching. Both gentlemen are sent off for five minutes, only Goose is sent to the locker room with a nice chorus of “Gooooooooose.”

– The Flames win the SOG battle in the second at 12-3. The game is still tied at one.

Third Period

– As has been reported on Twitter and Sabres Edge, there is a gentleman wearing a Gumby suit sitting behind the benches. I have to wonder how this dude got the Gumby head past arena security. I get gruff for having a granola bar in my purse, but I guess a Gumby head is alright to have. (ETA: Check out Top Shelf for the single best piece of camera work to date by the Sabres.)

– I have to wonder if Roby and K-Syl coordinated their wardrobes tonight. Both are wearing pinstripe suits, pastel colored shirts and swirly-patterned ties.

– I’d love to be able to eavesdrop on Gaustad and Phaneuf’s conversations tonight. They look like they could be mighty entertaining. I’m sure they’re just exchanging recipes for Thanksgiving or discussing the best way to get blood out of a hockey sweater.

– Iginla tries to jam himself between Roy-Z and the goal post and takes the post, net and Miller all off their moorings. That might leave a bit of a bruise on Miller in the morning.

– The 30th anniversary patch on the Flames sweater is huge and incredibly distracting. A patch is only good if it’s subtle, in my opinion.

– Phaneuf heads off to the dressing room after blocking a shot right at the end of the third period.


– So my 8-2 blowout prediction was wrong. And that’s why I don’t bet on sports…except for the $20 I gave the ‘rents to put on the Sabres for the Cup at the Vegas sportsbook.

– Pommers has a nice chance in the opening seconds of overtime, but misses. The story of Pommers play lately, I guess.

– Jokinen gets sent to the box for tripping Myers. There’s something extra fun and suspenseful about the power play in overtime. So far, the power play has generated some shots, a lot of non-rebounds, and a Roy-Z sliding into Miller. When all is said and done, Calgary blocked four shots on the power play.

– And Miller has a little tuft of hair coming out of one of the air vents in his helmet. It’s kind of adorable, like something you see on a little kid.


– Dawes, Jokinen and Iginla for Calgary shooting against Connolly, Roy and Myers for Buffalo.

Timmy misses.

Dawes misses.

Roy-Z! Top shelf!

Jokinen makes it through the five hole.

Myers misses.

Iginla misses.

Pommers increases the population of Pominville!

Miller stops Bourque cold. And the villagers…namely the Sabres players…rejoice!



  1. I think the Sabres blogosphere has created a monster. The Sabres saw all the pommerdoodling over the PK and got all “They liked it! They really liked it!! We should totally do this all the time!”

  2. They could totally ease up on this PK stuff, though. Just because the PK was sexy once (alright, a couple times) doesn’t mean it’s going to be sexy all the time. They need to learn that everything is good in moderation.

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