Sabres vs. Panthers – 11.18.09

November 18, 2009

First Period

– During the pre-game, Roby mentions that Gaustad might just be the best forward currently on the Sabres roster. Not only does he have a 66.2% face off percentage, but he also has been “very obnoxious” to play against, wreaking havoc and distracting his opponents. He may be obnoxious, but he’s our obnoxious.

– My mother and I just played our nightly (gamely?) game of “Where’s Sabretooth?” Tonight, he’s on the bench side of the arena, halfway been the Northtown and Bud Light dasher boards.

– The Sabres have about 5 or 6 chances in front of the Panthers net, including a great attempt by Adam Mair on a falling down backhand shot, which just trickles wide of the net.

– Staffy muscles his way to the front of the net and determinedly puts the puck past Voukon. Stafford not only gets hard work points on the goal, but also picks up style points from the Ukrainian judge as he completes a spin-o-rama in the crease. 1-0, Sabres.

– Florida scores as Horton heard a who in front of the net. 1-1 tie.

Second Period

– Weiss scores after a puck handle/bocce toss by Miller goes horribly wrong and right onto Weiss’ stick. 2-1, Panthers.

– Someone just told someone else (I’m assuming a ref) to make a fucking call.  And to think these guys kiss their mothers with those mouths.

– Harry Neale starts describing Gregory Campbell’s almost full face mask to protect his broken cheekbone and loose teeth. Only in hockey do players have broken bones in the face and come back within a week or two* of the injury.

*Decidedly less time if the optional blowhole is installed.

– RJ mentioned that Roy-Z’s check on the Florida player was a tit-for-tat thing. Why does a “tit-for-tat” thing sound like it happens on Chippewa way too often? Heh.

– As you can see by how much I’ve written tonight, this has just been a thrilling game.

Third Period

– Why couldn’t Scott “It’s Always My Teammates Fault and Never My Fault” Clemmensen play tonight for the Panthers?

– The crowd seems to have woken up, as a rousing “Let’s Go Buffalo” chant breaks out. As the TV feed heads to commercial, some wise ass busts out with “ONE! WE WANT TWO!”

– Florida scores again, and the goal puts Miller down on his dupa. 3-1, Panthers.

– WHOOO! MacArthur is just standing innocently by the side of the net and puts the puck into the open net. 3-2, Panthers.

– Kaleta gets called for interference and Florida scores off a deflection on the ensuing power play. 4-2, Panthers.

– Ruff pulls the Miller and Florida scores into the empty net. 5-2, Panthers.

– I have no idea what happens, but somehow Moore scores. 6-2, Panthers.

– That would be three goals in one minute and three seconds for the Panthers, if you’re keeping track at home. I suppose the next question is whether I want to watch the bitchiness that is going to be the post game show.


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