Give Thanks

November 26, 2009

I’m thankful for….

My family

My friends

My job

Sabres hockey. I believe the best is yet to come.

The great people I’ve “met” through the Sabrelogosphere. There’s a lot of talented, funny and quality writers out there.

My fellow Buffalonians. To quote the great Toby Zeigler, “We win together, we lose together, we celebrate and we mourn together. And defeats are softened and victories sweetened because we did them together.”

Gel pens. Except when I accidentally smear the ink and end up looking like I murdered a Smurf.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. I wouldn’t have a job if these didn’t exist.

Ryan Miller’s earnest forthrightness during interviews. Even when you can tell he’d like to cut a member of the media.

Paul Gaustad’s insistence on giving his all every game, never taking a night off.

HD TV. Hockey and football in HD is a beautiful thing.

Timmy Connolly’s puck handling skills.

Mike Grier’s calming influence on the team. It’s almost like the boys needed that Dad-like figure in the room.

The farce that is the Indy Racing League. It gives me something to rant about when hockey’s not in session.

Sandra Lee. She’s absolutely crazy with some of the stuff she comes up with, but she’s teaching me how NOT to cook, which is kind of the opposite effect of a cooking show.

The pleasant surprise that has been Tyler Myers this season.

Lindy Ruff’s impeccable fashion sense and dry sense of humor.

Drew Stafford’s Twitter.

Heck, Twitter in general. Where else can you spend an afternoon giggling over the #kylewellwoodissofat meme or the #unwrittenNHLbooks meme. Not to mention the knowledge I’ve gained about work related matters through Twitter.

Coffee. Even if the drive thru line at Timmy Hos turns everyone into absolute morons.

I hope everyone has a safe, joyous, restful and delicious Thanksgiving. Catch y’all on the flipside for tomorrow’s Sabres/Flyers game.


  1. Very nicely put.
    After reading WGR’s site and hearing all of the negativity and irateness it was nice to see a post looking at the half-full glass.

  2. Thanks, Beth. I can only listen to WGR for so long before I explode.

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