Bad Moon Rising

December 1, 2009

I wondered last night if we were due for a full moon, and I was correct. The ride home from work featured an absolutely beautiful, glowing full moon set against a pitch black sky. Why was I wondering this? Let’s take a look at all of the oddities from the past 24 hours…

– Snow plows completely randomly not plowing sections of roads. Taking my mother to work caused me to navigate sections of Walden that were plowed / unplowed / plowed again…all in the same lane. It took me 50 minutes to get from her office in Cheektowaga to my office near the airport. That’s a ride that normally takes 15, including a run through Timmy Hos. If this is how the rest of the winter is going to go, it’s going to be a mighty long one.

– Ballard “unintentionally doinking” (™ @BNHarrington) Vokoun during last night’s Panthers game. I get “frustration”, and I get “wrong place, wrong time”, but why would you even consider whaling away at the post with your goalie right there? I know he’s wearing a hard plastic mask and steps in front of speeding, frozen vulcanized rubber on a regular basis, but still, safety first.

– Continuing with the unintentional doinking, Ryan Miller took out the camera dude ensconced in the photo hole behind the glass. Just when you thought Miller expressing concern for the guy’s condition was icing on the cake, he goes and gives his stick to the guy after the game.Classy guy all the way around.

– Henrik Tallinder scored on a goalie after Heather B. called it.

– I tripped across the most random – and hilariously disgusting sentence – incorporating the various search/social media. hey baby, wanna come over to myspace and twitter my yahoo ’til I google all over your facebook? Yeah, wrong and hysterical at the same time.

– Ovechkin knee-on-knee collided with Carolina’s Gleason, causing Ovie to bruise his knee. The league reacted and suspended Ovie today for the next two Caps games. I’m sure that Ovie’s comments after today’s practice were causing some poor Caps PR person untold grief while at the same time giving journalists and bloggers fodder for a good long time. While I do think it’s about time that Ovie was sent for a time out, I do have to wonder how much of the decision to suspend him was driven by the conversations being had by fans and media regarding ugly hits and a player’s “superstar” status versus being driven by the single action taken by Ovechkin last night? Also, how much is Ovechkin really going to learn from his suspension if he’s not going to change his style of play? I know that I joke about it being all fun and games until someone loses an eye, but it would be completely ridiculous if it came to that. I know there’s a lot of people out there who like Ovie because he has a spark of life and rides the line unlike other NHL superstars (Hi Sid!), but there’s a fine line between joie de vivre and utter recklessness. Sadly, Ovie rides the reckless side of the line a little too often.

– Eleanor Waldorf’s lawyer on last night’s Gossip Girl was named after John Larroquette’s character on The West Wing. That was all kinds of awesome.

– Marty Brodeur’s descriptions of his American teammates “helping” him study for the US citizenship exam kind of  make me scared for what answers these guys were actually providing as answers to the questions.I do think it’s pretty cool that Marty is teaching all of his kids French while they are still young. I wish I had picked up a language while I was younger or kept up with either Italian or Spanish after college. Right now I know enough of both to be dangerous and confuse myself. And while I know it’s impossible because Marty has played for Canada in the past, how freaking amazing would a goalie tandem of  Brodeur and Miller be for Team USA?

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