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Sabres vs. Habs – 12.3.09

December 3, 2009

First Period

– Rivet and Kaleta are back in tonight, with Ellis and Patches making origami swans in the press box.

– In a somewhat surprising development, Lalime has accepted a conditioning assignment in Portland. He’ll play Friday and Saturday and then come back to Buffalo on Sunday. Enroth has come up to Buffalo to back up Miller. Is the team looking to do a dual confidence booster with this swap, are they looking to play Lalime more while Miller is hot in Buffalo, or are the Sabres looking to play Lalime to gauge interest in him from around the league? (Which then would play into the “Marty Biron back to Buffalo” scenario that seems to be floating around out there.

– Before long, a dedicated Sabres presence in the Montreal zone allows Clarke MacArthur to put the puck past Halak. 1-0, Sabres.

– Have I been hearing correctly that both of the Tits brothers are back in the loving embrace of the Habs again?

– Butler hobbles off the ice after falling awkwardly onto his knee at an unnatural angle. Luckily Lindy dressed an extra defenseman tonight, as Sekera is playing forward tonight. If Butler can’t return, Sekera can hop back on the blue line.

– WHOOO! The population of Pominville just increased as the little doodle popped the puck over Halak’s shoulder. We’re also treated to a shot of the fans updating the “Pominville Population” sign. It’s quite the production requiring several people and scores of tape.

– My mother and I are discussing whether or not Ryan Miller’s position in the Sabres team photo is him actually sitting on the bench or just some trick photography. If you haven’t seen the photo, Miller is sitting in his breezers and pads on the boards in front of the bench. However, he’s head and shoulders above some of his teammates and his upper body appears to be behind where it should be were he sitting on the boards. In my opinion, he’s sitting in his gear. In my mother’s opinion, it’s some trick photography, with the breezers and pads perched on the boards and Miller standing behind them. Any thoughts from those of you that have seen the photo? I also find Tyler Myers efforts to appear shorter in the photo a bit comical.

– Is it me, or could the Rob Ray roast at the Whiny Awards be absolutely hysterical?

– WHOOO! Roy-Z, you little so-and-so. You completely benefit from the Montreal defense’s hot mess and take a perfect pass from Pommers and go over Halak’s pad. 3-0, Sabres.

– The period ends with the Sabres hanging onto their 3-0 lead. They also prevented Montreal from getting a shot in the final 12 minutes of the period.

Second Period

– I loved, loved, loved the Sabres 40th birthday video shown during the intermission. (This is where I would link the video if the Sabres had it posted on their website. But they do not. So I will not.) The video had the perfect mix of the soothing tones of Ted Darling, the enthusiastic calls of RJ, and plenty of classic Sabres moments: The fog game against Philly, May Day, Dave Hannan’s goal in 4-OT against a young Marty Brodeur, Pommers shortie winner to send the Sabres to the Eastern Conference finals, Drury’s last second heroics against the Rangers, Miller’s fan-fucking-tastic save against Brind’Amour the other night and many, many more.

The video showed just how rich of a hockey history we have in Buffalo. Look at how many truly great players have played for the Sabres: Perreault, Martin, Robert, LaFontaine, Hasek, Barrasso, Andreychuk, Hawerchuk, the list goes on. Thank you Knoxes for fighting to bring hockey to Buffalo, and thank you Mr. Golisano for taking a chance on a franchise on the brink.

– Pommers, are you new? Have you learned nothing from having Jaroslav Spacek as a teammate for a few years? You don’t step in front of a Spacek slap shot!

– WHOOO! Lil Timmy picks up a bad Halak rebound to make it 4-0, Sabres.

– Enroth looks so young compared to his teammates.

– Butler will not return tonight, as he has a lower body injury. Anyone who saw the play just says “duh”.

– The Sabres Twitter feed announces that Miller hasn’t given up a goal since last Saturday night. Of course, that jinxes the team into the “Ryan Miller shutout,” as the boys get caught pinching and Gomez takes a Tits brother pass and puts it past Miller. 4-1, Sabres.

Third Period

– In an awesome bit of directing, the broadcast somehow misses the opening face off for the third period.

– Lapierre comes in on Miller on a two-on-one. Miller says eff that shizzle and pulls the shot right out of mid-air.

– Montreal rushes into the Buffalo zone. Miller makes the first save, but his teammates completely miss the Hab chilling out on the other side of the net ready to pick up the rebound. Georges makes it 4-2, Sabres.

– Harry Neale reports that Cammalleri leads the Habs in all sorts of oh-ffensive stats. And those stats would be what: blows nose and looks like a party favor? Knows all of the dialogue to the Little Mermaid and cries at The Lion King?

– WHOOO! For those of you asking what happened to Andrej, he scores from the blue line to make it 5-2, Sabres.

– I flip over to the Bills game, and eff me, the little effers are winning. 10-6 at this point, based on a nice touchdown from Corey McIntyre Marshawn Lynch with a wonderful block by McIntyre. (Updated 12.4.09)

And because I said McIntyre, let us enjoy the musical stylings of another McIntyre and some friends of his.

– While I’m distracted by NKOTB, Mara and Kaleta decide to go at it. I’d call it a draw.

– Vanek and Grier get a two-on-one (and a half) going on, and Grier taps in a beautiful Vanek pass. 6-2, Sabres.

-Who would have thunk that the Vanek / Kennnedy / Grier line would have clicked like it has? They’ve been a solid presence, and anything to pull Vanek out of the doldrums has to be a good thing.