Sabres vs. Rangers – 12.5.09

December 5, 2009

First Period

– My mother and I just had a very long discussion which mainly comprised of me explaining that Sean AVERY plays for the Rangers and is not a goalie (but is a pest) while Ray EMERY plays for the Flyers and is a goalie (and a pest). But on an unrelated note, Avery and Emery are the names of two of Jason Sehorn & Angie Harmon’s daughters.

– The Sabres are completely dominating the Rangers this period, but they cannot get the puck past Lundqvist.

– Small comedic moment as Miller charges out to the blue line to poke the puck away from a Ranger charging at it with a head full of steam. Miller ended up shooting it into the bench. No one was injured because, as Rob Ray put it, there was little oomph on it.

– The Rangers are the first to score as Higgins ricochets the puck off the post and past Miller. 1-0, Rangers.

– I want to know who found my blog via the term “is Henrik Tallinder any good?” For the answer to that question, my friend, please visit Top Shelf, which is written by the blogosphere’s resident Henrik Tallinder expert, Heather B. And for the record, you will not find out whether Patrick Kaleta has a turtle from this blog, because I don’t know.

– This is completely not hockey related, but I can officially tell that it is the holiday season, as the old-school holiday commercials are airing. I swear this Folgers commercial is an updated version of the “Peter” commercial from the 80s. It seemed like this Peter commercial aired for forever and a day. I’ve also been seeing the Hershey Kiss bell commercial and the M&M’s and Santa ads. But my favorite holiday ads are totally the ones for the “As Seen on TV” products like the Chia Pet, the Chimney Cleaning Log and The Clapper. I haven’t seen The Clapper commercial yet this season, but it’s still early.

Second Period

– What the heck happened in the Washington / Philly game that put the Caps on a 9-minute power play?

– According to his official site, Thomas Vanek is now the proud owner of a youth hockey team in Minnesota.

– Speaking of Vanek, he plays the puck while sitting on the boards in the half second before he steps onto the ice. This is not legal, and so Vanek is sent to the box for two minutes to feel shame. The Sabres have killed off 15 straight penalties before Vanek is sent to the box. They do a perfectly cromulent job to push it to 16 straight.

– Drury is still getting booed. Glad to see that some things never change. I can’t wait to see what reception Soupy is going to receive on Friday. The fans should also give Twenty Cent an interesting reception as well.

– Did the Sabres use up their weekly allotment of pep and energy in the Montreal game? While there were moments of brilliance, there’s been a lot of lazy play, turnovers, and even a little bit of standing around looking perplexed. That’s not how you win hockey games, guys.

Third Period

– The Sabres are playing with a bit more energy this period. Who said what to whom in the locker room that lit the fire under these guys?

– Vanek had two up close and personal chances to put the puck past Lundqvist on the power play, but Lundqvist sprawls out to make some great diving saves. If that puck would have gone in on either opportunity, we’d be singing the holy praises of Vanek.

– These guys have made me so ‘meh’ on this game that I’m seriously contemplating watching my DVR’d recording of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Why yes, I do have trashy reality TV tastes. Why do you ask?

– We’re told that the Vanek/Grier/Kennedy line is comprised of college attendees and successful collegiate hockey players. I hereby anoint their line “Summa Cum Puck.”

– Stafford has an end to end rush but cannot put the puck past Lundqvist. Harry Neale calls Staffy “slick as a wet raincoat.”  I don’t see Staffy as much of a raincoat wearer.

– Jochen Hecht has headed off to the dressing room with some sort of injury.

– Boo. Miller dives to stop Avery’s shot, but has no chance on Callahan’s rebound. 2-0, Rangers.

– As the broadcast comes back from commercial, the arena PA system is playing Cascada’s “Evacuate the Dance Floor.” I’d like to change that to “evacuate the ice rink” because this game is killing me.

– And the Portland Pirates have lost tonight as well.

– After Timmy hits a goalpost and then Boyle hits the goalpost of the Sabres empty net, Pommers scores with 58 seconds left in the game. 2-1, Rangers.

– It’s nights like tonight I miss Goose’s general demeanor and kick ass face off skills. His young face off padawan Lil Timmy was just 2  of 11 on draws tonight.

– I hope Monday’s game against New Jersey is better than this one.

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