Sabres vs. Blackhawks – 12.11.09

December 11, 2009

Random Thoughts from tonight’s game…

– Is Roby and K-Syl’s introduction taped or is it just a late arriving crowd? There’s a ton of people still streaming into the arena behind the two of them.

– If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend Bucky’s article on Tim Kennedy and Pat Kane. I adore the “Buffalo touch” of describing what parishes these two belonged to when they were kiddos and how they wanted to beat each other on the streets and the rinks because of that. Catholic school rivalries are hardcore, yo. (Ask me sometime about the Nardin/Holy Angels egging fiasco in the late 90s.)

– Wow, Rob Ray is actually taller than Nathan Gerbe. That’s a nice change from the interviews where Ray is looking up into the players faces just to make eye contact.

– I love how Ray is explaining that the fans (and media) are full of it for thinking that the team plays differently with the backup goalie in net. I think there is a subtle difference between how the team plays when Miller is in net versus when Lalime is in net. When Miller plays, there’s a confidence shown by the skaters that Miller will bail them out if they make a massive mistake. I don’t always see that when Lalime (or the backup du jour) is in net.

– There’s been some subtle booing of Kane and Soupy, but nothing like what has been heard when Those Two That Shall Not Be Named roll into town.

– Per Sabres Edge, Mike Grier’s mother passed away. My condolences to the entire Grier family.

– C-Mac is tied with Vanek for the team lead in goals. Chew on that for a little while.

– Aww, there’s a Make-A-Wish kid in the booth with RJ and Harry tonight. That’s a pretty cool wish to have fulfilled.

– Nice hustle by Rivet to keep the puck in the Chicago zone at least three times on one power play.

– Unrelated note, MTV’s Jersey Shore may has surpassed The Real World in terms of awesomeness. It’s such a cheesy show, but I get a more “real” vibe off of these people than the cast members of The Real World. It’s also more entertaining than the Real Hos shows on Bravo.

– There’s a couple shots of Miller looking intense (pissed off? constipated?) on the bench. I have to wonder if backup goalies ever have the urge to make like Stanley on The Office and pull out a crossword puzzle to keep occupied. Or do the backup goalies keep an eye on the game, noticing things that they can bring up to their teammates? (“Hey asshole, you’re not protecting your goalie. Hey you, you were offside 16 of 17 rushes. Slow the eff down/speed the eff up. Hey Lindy, you might want to watch out for Player Name, he’s got a heck of a toe drag when faced with an opponent in the neutral zone.”)

– I see that Soupy has taught Kane the art of the spinorama.

– So Lindy looks like a genius by playing Lalime tonight. The Sabres won and Miller got a well deserved rest. As much fun as watching Miller play against the Chicago young guns would have been, Lalime did a perfectly cromulent – even outstandingly cromulent – job in goal tonight. I also liked that his teammates looked so happy for him during the post game congratulatory helmet nuzzles and fist bumps.

– I hope tomorrow the boys don’t blow the momentum from these past two games. I will be watching the game on a DVR delay as it is the office holiday party. I will be off to get my dinner on, my drink on and see which of my co-workers will be the talk of the office on Monday.

– Not hockey related, but this Peter Gammons column chronicling his career at ESPN is another great read. Gammons has been around and his move to MLB Network will only help bolster the fledgling network.

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  1. I can tell you for a fact that the egging fiasco is still talked about today.

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