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Sabres vs. Canadiens – 12.14.09

December 14, 2009


– I’m late to the party, but this was some interesting reading from Paul Hamilton as he and Timmy exchange verbal and written bitchslaps in regards to Timmy’s face off issues.

Connolly said, “I’ll let you guys try to figure that out. You guys can keep writing the stories and making things up so I’ll stick with that. You guys, it’s what ever you want to relate to it, that’s fine. I don’t know, it’s just something we discussed with my line mates, get different looks and different plays off the faceoffs in things we want to do. I can’t announce if I want to do a certain play off a faceoff, what I’m going to do so, if I want to take faceoffs I’ll take ’em, if not, somebody else will.”

OK, if Connolly wants me to speculate and not give me the facts when I ask him directly I will. First, let me lay out some facts. Connolly is 43 percent on faceoffs. To put that into perspective Jason Pominville is 45.9 percent. Here’s another fact,  Paul Gaustad stays out and takes faceoffs with many of his teammates after practice. I have never once seen Connolly work on draws. He works hard as practice is going on, but he’s usually the first player off the ice as others work on their games. Here’s another fact, Lindy Ruff has given him the freedom not to take draws whenever he wants. In my opinion has he quit on draws because his confidence in that part of the games is shot. He’s so far gone he’d rather others take draws because he feels it’s better for him and the team. He feels others have a better chance to win it. He’s so far gone he doesn’t feel practicing it would do any good.

Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark my friends. But I do like that we’re privy to insights like this. The Sabres face off troubles have been remarked on by many a broadcaster and blogger since the Goose went out.

– Continuing with the Timmy “love”, please tell me I’m not the only one that sees the humor and the irony in having Timmy do the voiceover for DeGraff Hospital radio commercials? Mr Therebutforthegraceofgodandducttape is the commercial voice of a hospital? Whoever concepted that is a genius.

Pregame photo:

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Here’s hoping Sabres fans won’t want to lock Timmy in his room tonight.

First Period

– Picture it, Montreal. Two-thousand-and-nine. Your goalies tonight are Ryan Miller and Jaroslav Halak. Also, Tyler Myers is 6’8 and 19 years old. I think that stat is poised to be this year’s “Ryan Miller / 26 / Michigan State / Hobey Baker” that Versus trumpted a couple years back. Please, I’m begging you, don’t drink every time they mention Myers’ height or age. You’ll be schnocked by the end of the first period.

– Way to interrupt the Amway commercial with the game broadcast there, Versus. Good job. That opening face off isn’t at all important.

– Why do I feel like I’m watching this game through a dirty fishbowl even though it’s in HD?

– The Sabres are being intense in the Montreal zone so far.

– The Versus broadcasters report that Gaustad could be back soon as he was skating this morning. Happy HONK!

– Montreal scores on the power play as one of the Tits brothers rockets a shot past Miller. I’m not exactly sure why Montreal was on the power play as it looked like all players currently on the ice were involved in the scrum in front of Miller. Why Hecht was called out specifically, I haven’t a clue. 1-0, Habs.

First Period photo:

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Second Period

– Alright Versus. We. Get. It. Montreal is god’s gift to the hockey world. No need to show a montage of players waxing poetic about the city. But it is kind of funny that you did not include any Sabre waxing poetic about the town.

– Three seconds into the period and Mair and O’Byrne are going at it. Mair has played with a chip on his shoulder since he was waived earlier this season. I have to say it’s nice to see the “old” Adam Mair back, rather than the Mair that was playing pre-waive this season.

– Dear NHL: You get James Freaking Taylor to sing the US National Anthem before the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl, but the best you can do for the Canadian Anthem is Daniel Powter, he of “Bad Day” fame, he who was just voted the biggest one hit wonder of this past decade? What did Canada do to deserve that?

– The owl in the Captain Morgan Night Owl ad is kind of terrifying, especially when his head spins around. Oh good, here’s a Miller broadcast bumper to make the terrifying go away.

– Wow, Miller dodges a bullet as a Cammalleri shot goes off the post and skates along the goal line but remains on the blue ice side of the line.

– With the Sabres current face off troubles, I cannot wait until Gaustad’s mad face off skills are back in the lineup. Can’t we get him a bionic Goose knee already?

– Hecht and Hamrlik start swinging at each other when the whistle blows. Hecht doesn’t get mad all that often, but a little fire out of him is nice to see.

– Wow, that Sabres power play was frustrating. O’Byrne blocked three shots and Myers was hesitating something fierce before shooting the puck. Not to mention that Timmykins was just dangling for awhile.

– Just as Montreal returns to full strength, Sekera gets a shot from the point past Halak. The Montreal goalie never saw the puck as he was screened by Hecht.

– First unintentional announcer innuendo: “Kostitsyn was active with his stick or his free hand.” I beg your pardon.

– WHOO! Timmy and Patty Kaleta break out on a shorthanded two-on-one rush. Kaleta taps a perfect pass from Timmy past Halak. When the heck did Kaleta become a goal scorer? Also, while some people think his celebrations are a little over the top, his rationale that they are like that only like that because he doesn’t know when his last goal is going to come is kind of endearing. 2-1, Sabres.

Second Period Youtube Clip

Third Period

– Seriously? The opposition penalty box in the Bell Centre is sponsored by Ugg Australia? That’s something you don’t see every day. Because I know when I think of hockey players, the first thing I think of is Uggs. Montreal scores on the power play as Buffalo is penalized for having too many men on the ice. We’re tied at 2.

– Dear Montreal fans, ole’ing when you’re tied is not acceptable. Save it for when you’re winning. K?

– Second unintentional announcer innuendo: “Roy going down on Hamrlik.”

– WHOO! Hecht and Myers are having open season on Halak with some close in shots, when Lil Timmy skates in untouched and puts the puck past Halak. 3-2, Sabres.

– Fuck me. Cammalleri puts the puck past Miller eighteen seconds after Lil Timmy’s goal.  This gong show is now tied at 3.

– The Sabres have a five-on-three (ooh, dirty) for over a minute-and-a-half. After several attempts, blocked shots, a Vanek/Gill wrestling match and some incensed Montreal fans, MacArthur puts the puck in the corner of the net past Halak. 4-3, Sabres.

– With exactly two minutes left on the clock, Lydman is sent off for a high sticking penalty. Alright boys, go into shutdown mode and Miller, keep your effing legs closed and your glove hand hot. And Miller complies by blocking Cammalleri with aa amazing sliding save from across the crease. It was a stunning save.

– The game ends on an odd note as the clock operator lets at least 10 seconds go by before starting the clock after that super Miller save on Cammalleri. Needless to say the Montreal fans were not happy when the game was ended with almost seven seconds still left on the game clock.

– Tonight was just a fun game to watch. I think we all needed a game like that.

Third Period Video

No, there is not a rhyme or reason to the video/picture selection tonight. It’s been a long couple of days and I’m in the mood for things that will make me smile/laugh.