Sabres vs. Sens – 12.16.09

December 16, 2009

Random thoughts from tonight. I really wasn’t feeling inspired to write a full game log after my day at the office. My brain broke at 9:00 this morning when I had a vendor try and convince me that 2.25 = 1.

– I love this spot promoting Canisius hockey. A mascot will never not be funny. Though I do have to wonder if Petey was played by a “professional” or his regular student occupant?

– Continuing with the Canisius theme, I wish the “Peter Canisius” twitter was updated. A Twitter from the point of view of that statue is pretty fricking amazing. I’m sure if it could talk, the stories it would tell would be a great chronicle of Canisius history – both official history and things the college wishes didn’t happen.

– Miller played out of his mind in the first period. For a good chunk of that frame, it was like he was the only Sabre on the ice who actually gave a damn. Did his teammates all watch Gone With the Wind on Tuesday night and decide to get their Rhett Butler on and not give a damn?

– Was it ever determined who exactly the Ottawa fans were booing? Were they just booing anyone in a white sweater that might be Canadian?

– Derek Roy needs to Quit. It. Already. with the “who me?” innocent crap he pulls every time he is called for a penalty. You got caught stealing the cookies from the cookie jar, Roy-Z. Take your punishment like a man.

– Oh goodie. Carrie Underwears was in the house tonight. Did we really need to see a shot of her clapping after Fisher scored? We get it. They’re dating and they’re fresh, wholesome and not scandalous. (Sidebar: Tony Romo is dating Chace Crawford’s sister? And Chace Crawford dated Carrie Underwood, who also dated Tony Romo? Mind…blown.)

– Ryan Miller looked completely natural holding that precious little baby during the Children’s Hospital party segment. You know how there’s some guys that hold babies like they’re ticking time bombs and/or sacks of potatoes? Yeah, this was not like that. Also, how adorable was that kid asking the players all sorts of questions? And furthermore, how adorable were the players in their Sabres Santa hats? Way to turn me into a ball of goo before the third period of this game, Sabres. Was that some dastardly plot by the team to save the feature for a night where the outcome was highly unlikely to be in the Sabres favor? Was the warm and fuzzy intended to be a distraction from the half-assed product on the ice?

– I almost feel like the boys realized sometime today that they only have the one game to play before they return home and can sleep in their own beds and have some home cooking. I felt a “we’re going to lose this game because it’s in Ottawa” vibe tonight. Did they start reading too much into the stats about how the team is tw0-eleventyseventy-one when playing games against the Senators? I mean, why did no one have a fist to face meeting with Ruutu after he knocked Kaleta into next Tuesday? And that was just the least of their sins.

– I miss Goose. I want Goose back.


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  1. Ryan holding that baby was sooo precious!

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